Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our USA Birthday Party!

This was the extent of my creativity on Independence Day...
It seemed well received.....
We often celebrate this boy's birthday on July 4th since he has a birthday just a few days after the USA's. I remember how I thought for sure he would be my firecracker baby the year he was born! To prove that he's still just a boy at heart, Drew sat at the kid's table along with my son-in-law and grand daughters! 
During the day the little girls did a lot of this......
And this.....
While the boys did a lot of this.....
And this......Sigh! What is it with boys and fire anyway?
Once the sun went down...the real show began! Hope you Americans all had a wonderful USA Birthday celebration too! 


  1. Seriously....what is it about little boys and fires????? Our 4th looked very similar to yours, but I don't see any of your cute little ones with their ears covered!!!!!

  2. Next year I want to celebrate at your house!

  3. Looks like fun! I am thinking the same thing about boys and fire and fireworks??!!

  4. I used to make that same flag cake when my girls were younger. Looks like a fun celebration!

  5. Being with family is the best way to celebrate!! Love from our family to yours!!