Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sewing in the Rain

Rainy days are just right for a big old sewing day, don't you agree? That's just what five of us did on Saturday as the heavens opened up and thunder rolled!  And believe me, there was a whole lot of sewin' goin' on!! The deadline for having 27quilts ready to send to New Hope Homes in Rwanda is fast approaching.  Our goal is to make a lap size quilt for each child living in the three houses of the orphanage.  I feel confident that, with the Lord's blessing, our goal is going to be met! The eight ladies participating in Quilts4Hope have been working very hard to complete the quilts. Oh, and are the quilts ever beautiful!  I can't wait to show them all off to you!!

Megan (my daughter), Vicki, myself, Deb and Sherri (not pictured) had a fun day gabbing and favorite way to quilt!
That's Deb's quilt we are cute!
She machine quilted it herself; her first time ever....and what a great job she did.

I was focused on attaching the binding to these three quilts and am happy to report "mission accomplished!". Normally, I am not a fan of sewing down the binding by machine, but to save time and to make the quilts more durable, I caved. And, you know what? They don't look too bad! I stitched in the ditch from the front and was able to catch the back. (Well, most of the time, anyway!)
All three of these babies were made using blocks from leaders and enders. You know my spiel by now on "Free Quilts".  If you aren't using this concept...just try it, you'll like it, Mikey!
                     My pile of quilts for New Hope Homes is getting pretty big!


  1. I LOVE your pile of quilts!! Thanks for giving to others with you quilty gifts!

  2. Wow -- look at all those beautiful quilts. What a wonderful project!!!

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  4. Thanks for doing this Carla. They look amazing...I can't wait to see them all!