Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lolly's House

There's always a lot of quilting going on at Lolly's house. But lately, it has been so crazy, I admit it might be over the top.  It's enough to make even the best grandchildren cringe at the word QUILT! There seems to be a blanket on every available surface, just waiting to be shipped off to Africa.
Like today, on the rocker out by the sandbox...............What's this?  Oh, that's just the  mystery quilt that I made 10 years ago with my friend, Jan.  She made one just like it.  Wonder where hers is?  Mine has never been used so I decided to include it in the stack destined for New Hope Homes. I thought Jan might never speak to me again after all those tiny flying geese.  But she did.  And we've made many "friendship" quilts since. (I'll show them to you sometime.)
Oh, my goodness. Is that what I think it is draped on Grandad's trailer? Yep, that's the quilt that Megan put together using four patches that I got in a Quilt Guild swap about 5 years ago! It's going to the orphanage as well.
A quilt on a canoe? No wonder the kids are making faces! But wait.....It looks so cute draped there.  I couldn't resist.  Vicki made this wonderful, bright lap quilt using a pattern from a magazine. She machine quilted it herself.  As a new quilter, she told me that she is learning something new with every project she does.  Isn't that what we all hope for?

Well, I better get back to the kids.  You never know what kind of mischief they can get into when Lolly is preoccupied with quilts!
                                          Ooops!  Was I supposed to be watching them?
                                                                 Better go now!


  1. Maelie does not look happy to be sharing her ride!

  2. Your quilts look great displayed all over!

    My daughter will actually ask me if I'm "going to be quilting for awhile..." because that's when she knows she can get away with whatever it is she's plotting. Last time it was putting poor Buddy the Beagle's ears into a ponytail...

    Jennifer :)