Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink and Black

What's pink and black and loved all over?  This quilt, that's what!! Yes sirree, I finished another top for New Hope Homes, the orphanage in Rwanda that I've been amassing a pile of quilts for over the last few months. It's June and our deadline is fast approaching.  By the middle of July the pieced lovelies will be winging their way into the arms of 27 Rwanda children.  I'm beyond excited!  I was recently given the names of each child so that we can label the quilts before sending them.  I've been assured that the kids will be over the moon to have their very own blanket as they have few possessions to call "mine". 

This particular quilt was easy for me to put together for several reasons. The main one being that I already had most of the blocks finished and stored in a plastic box deep in the depths of my sewing closet.  I collected an assortment of pink and black fabrics over a year ago and then sewed about half of them together using Terry Atkinson's pattern "Birthday Presents" from a booklet called Take Two and Add a Few. (The booklet seems to be out of print.) Then, I got sidetracked and laid the project aside....(hard to believe, I know). I was making the quilt with a certain recipient in mind, but now that so much time has passed, it no longer seems appropriate.  Oh well!  I needed (another quilt for the orphanage so this came in very handy and the colors are perfect for a child.  I still have enough blocks cut out for another similar lap size quilt.  Since the blocks are large (thirteen inches) it went together fast and easy!  Now to find the perfect backing or piece my own from stash fabrics....haven't decided which yet.  
This evening I loaded the Green Zebra quilt onto my quilting frame and should have it finished tomorrow, hopefully.  I found the perfect binding fabric for it....will show you when it's all done! We are having a sewing day on Saturday at the church as we close in on our goal. The fabric will be flying around here in the next few weeks.....(as usual!)

In other sewing news, I've been busy working on hexagons for the Hexagon Quilt-Along with Julie at JayBirdQuilts.  They look so great all grouped together on my tablecloth hanging over the closet door design wall. I bet you thought I'd forgotten about that project!
As usual, while I've been sewing on these two projects, I've also been working on my next 
"Free Quilt".  Look how much progress I've made.........................................!
I'm sewing two inch squares of Kona white and colored scraps together. It will take A BUNCH to make the quilt I have in mind.  I'll keep you posted.  Are you doing a leader ender project?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Your pink and black quilt looks wonderful! Some little girl will be the proud owner of a beauty!!

  2. LOVE this quilt! A little girl is going to feel so special when it becomes her very own.

    I am getting into the habit of using leaders/enders and I am amazed at how quickly I am "piecing" another quilt.

    Jennifer :)

  3. Your hexies look sooo cute!! Great job on the pink and black - you will make someone very happy.

  4. LOVE the pink and black quilt!!!

    How do you make those Hexagons stay on the wall??