Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Family Reunion Dress

 A few weeks ago I placed an order with Sunny Day Supply for some darling fabrics. Today, I want to show you what I made with some of the yardage, Snail Trail by Cloud 9 Fabrics. I've had the Family Reunion Dress pattern, by Oliver & S, for awhile now, but this was my first attempt at sewing it.
 You know that I adore the style and creativity of the O & S patterns. This one is a keeper for sure, and one that I'll be using over and over again for my granddaughters' little dresses. This rendition is size 4 and is the largest size included in the pattern. I may have to see if they make it in larger sizes.
 Jane, who is four, is petite for her age so the neck was perhaps a little bit wide on her. I could have made the size 3 and just lengthened it if I wanted a perfect fit. But, then again, little girls grow. Right!?
 As usual, the pattern instructions were clear and clever. I love the pin tucks on both the front and the back of the bodice. Buttons down the back are my favorite closing for little dresses. For some reason, I think that it looks classier than a zipper.
 An extra special touch is the faced hem which adds body and weight to the bottom of the dress making it hang nicely.
 Together, the super cute fabric and classic design of the dress make for a darling summer frock.
I think Janie likes it too!


  1. Cute girl, and cute dress too!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is the best use of our snail trail fabric! It is so perfect and your stitching is impeccable! Fantastic Carla!

  3. Seriously adorable. That last picture is wonderful - what a cutie!!!

  4. Such a sweet dress Carla! I love a button closure- it is old fashioned but perfect for this little outfit!

  5. What a cute dress. I love the details of the O & S patterns. That is what makes them so great.

  6. Super-cute fabric. Super-cute dress. Super-cute Jane. I think Lolly did a super job all around. I love it!