Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Morning

This photo of the Himalayas was taken last week by my eleven year-old grandson, Oliver. He emailed it to me after he and his family took a 4 day trek in Nepal where they have been living for the last 5 weeks. My son, Drew, his wife Lauren, and their 3 children are staying near Kathmandu, helping with a medical mission there for the disabled, mostly children. Their plan was to stay another 5 weeks. Then the unimaginable  happened. We know that they are safe after the earthquake that hit Saturday. If you would like to read my son's post about their experience, you can find it here. Please pray for them and for Nepal. 
Thank you so much,


  1. I'm sure you are stressed with worry about your kids and gkids. Glad that the earthquake did not harm them and they were able to help others nearby that were impacted by the quake. What an amazing trip. My heart and prayers go out to them and I hope they have a safe, but wonderful adventure.


  2. My heart went cold when I started to read this Carla. So glad they are safe but it is a sad and devastating event... Blessings to you all.

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  4. Carla, thank you for bringing this heartfelt and human dimension to the news. I'll continue to think about and pray for not only your family, but all those who have lost so much.

  5. Your grandson is taking after you with his photography skills! What a lovely photos. Blessings on all of them.