Saturday, February 21, 2015


The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild had a 5 year birthday celebration last week. Shea's sewing machine cookies were a huge hit. Some people couldn't bear to eat theirs because they were so cute. But I did!
 And on the subject of baking...The gals in the Mid-Century Modern Bee are turning out some awesome cakes for me as I'm the queen bee this month. Three arrived this week...I'm so excited!
After several months of gathering dust, my quilting frame has been seeing quite a bit of action. I think this UFO is going to be so happy to finally become a real quilt!
 I also have made a decision to topstitch down the seams on the back of the Spider Web quilt to use it as a tablecloth. I'm hoping to finish it up at the KCMQG retreat this weekend...aptly named Quilt-Non since it's taking place the same weekend that many are enjoying Quilt-Con in Austin. We have some fun stuff planned! Stay tuned for more on that.
 One plan is to make some blocks as a group to be used in a charity quilt. We'll be using the Quilt-Con colors in a simple design. The fun will come in setting them together creatively.
And speaking of creative....look at the great stage make-up Haven wore last week in her 3rd grade play called "It's a Jungle Out There". 
Isn't she the cutest cheetah ever!


  1. Love the cookies! My daughter does fussy baking and is a chemistry professor; I am going to show her these! Love the cake block. Is there a pattern available? I would love to make her a cake quilt. Check out the cupcake block I just did for her birthday

  2. Those cookies are so cute! And speaking of cute, your little cheetah is adorable! So glad you decided to sew down the seams. It's a heavy quilt and sooo many seams! It looks great!

  3. You have a lot going on, looks like life is good,

  4. Those cookies are just perfect! It looks like your KCMQG made a pretty darn good showing in the QuiltCon show!! Congratulations! All your doings look wonderful as well! That is one happy little cheetah right there :)

  5. I would have had to take a picture of the beautiful biscuit before scoffing it.
    Such lovely cake blocks. I look forward to seeing them all together.
    (As a kid, I think my definition of heaven would have been dressing up as a cat, big or small. I hope she had as much fun as it looks.)

  6. I want one of those cookies! Your block will be in the mail this coming week. After getting home from QuiltCon I destroyed my back shoveling snow and was laid up completely for three days on pain pills. Not happy about that but things are better now.

  7. Those cookies are SO cute. I saw Shea's instagram pictures as she was making them. I now want to order that cookie cutter.