Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diamonds and A Girl's Best Friend

 Oh, happy day! I have another 'Finish' to show you today. It's a real jewel and a long time coming!
 The pattern was a free one by Tula Pink and, although I can't seem to find it available anymore, it looks an awful lot like this one on Craftsy. Be warned, though, that because of the piecing method, each diamond might turn out to be a different size and need to be trimmed before setting the quilt together. I'm just sayin'.
 Back in 1980, I took my very first quilting classes along side my bff, Jan. Since then Jan and I have sewn many quilts in tandem, this Gypsy Diamond quilt being our last collaboration. Many of the fabrics were purchased off the flat-fold tables from various small town Alco stores in Kansas.
 The outside border, however, is an Amy Butler fabric called Gypsy Mum that I purchased after the diamond blocks were finished. Although I wouldn't call that particular print a favorite, I love the way it incorporates the colors and lends a sort of autumn feel to the quilt. A trip through the washer and dryer turned my all-over leafy quilting into pure crinkly delight!
 The quilt is a large one, 88" x 98". The blocks were finished in 2009 and set aside for about 5 years out of frustration with the size discrepancy. Finally, about a year ago, I got the top finished but took another year to get it quilted and bound. Sheesh!
 The quilt is backed using an extra wide blue batik purchased as a flat-fold in Delta, Colorado (my hometown growing up). The perfect binding was found among my stash treasures: a blue/grey square design by Aneela Hoey.
Last March, I wondered who would get the top quilted first....Jan beat me by a month or two. I'm happy to have at least caught up, finally!


  1. I used to love buying quilting fabrics at Alco. Then they got rid of all their fabrics. Now they are out of business. I think they should have been smart enough to know they were killing themselves!
    I'm glad you have your quilt to remember them!

  2. Oh boy! I have a few quilts that were started in the 80's and I wonder if they will ever get quilted! I am glad you stuck with it and got 'er done! I don't know Alco....were they like JoAnns?

  3. Great job Carla,much a neat pattern.

  4. I can't imagine why you waited so long to finish this! I love it! The border fabric matches the diamonds beautifully! I love that last photo too- very arty!

  5. I just love this quilt and you chose fabrics which really work together well! The pattern is Flutterby, originally a freebie from Moda - I can see your size dilemma since the pattern says "78x78" and yours clearly came out larger! Good job!

  6. It's amazing how purchasing fabrics here and there have resulted in such a cohesive look. The border is a perfect choice. Bias edges are tricky aren't they! You did a stellar job Carla

  7. I do LOVE this quilt! Every morning when I make our bed I enjoy it all over again! AND you were neglect in mentioning that the reason the BFF got her quilt done sooner is that she pays someone to do it and you DIY!! If this took 5 years, we best get another one started or we will age out!!! :-) NEVER!!!

  8. Yeah for a finish Carla. It's lovely and large. Great photos too.

  9. I love how the border fabric works with the diamonds.
    Maybe the gremlins in the pattern are why it is difficult to find now - taken down for revision.