Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sew Many Things!

 Lots of photos of random stuff today: Here they are in no particular order.
First up: this darling embroidered bag that I won in a swap at the KCMQG retreat! Nancy has a business making cool stuff like this. I love mine!

 A few of you wondered if I bought any fabric at Missouri Star Quilt Company. Well, of course I did!
Have I been making any thing new, you ask. Oh, yes...here's a peek!
Easter was a bit different for us this year: Only three little goslings hunted eggs in our yard rather than the whole gaggle of eight!
They were good little hunters...
and looked cute doing it!
 My awesome daughter, Megan, ran her first half marathon a few weeks ago.
 She and her hubby hardly looked winded. I'm so impressed!
When Megan's not out running, she's creating awesome, adorable, birthday parties.
 It's hard to believe that Pearlie is one already. She loved the cake, ice cream and attention. Oh, and, no, she's not a red head.
Here's a selfie of me and my sweet second grader, Haven, at her school's Grandparent's Day celebration. Isn't her toothless smile delightful!
Susan surprised me with a fun Easter surprise in the last set of Friendship + and X blocks.
She makes the best stuff!
 I think that the bunny is my favorite. Look at that handwork! Thank you, Suz.
At last check, I counted at least 10 different varieties of daffodils growing in my yard. I didn't plant any of them. Aren't they so cheerful!
And speaking of cheerful, I always am around this little one!
How's your week going?


  1. All my favorite things of yours, wrapped up in one wonderful post! No wonder your grandies are so adorable...so fun to see Megan and her hubs :) Toothless grins, flowers, fabric...my week is going really well now, thank you!!!

  2. Lots of favorite things! I have several of the same fabrics you do! I just went to a grandparents day also with a toothless granddaughter!
    Congratulations to your daughter and SIL on running the race, that is so hard!
    A selfie? Aren't you the cool grandma!

  3. What a delightful post- daffodils (I bought Kona Daffodil fabric this week!), sweet granddaughters and their happy smiles, half-marathon runners (my son is training for his first one at the moment too!) and all that pretty fabric. I think I spy bikes in there! And what a yummy birthday 'spread'! Thank you for sharing your week with us!

  4. Wow! YOu had a lot to share! hahaha! I think its funny when people ask if I bought any fabric when I go to a fabric store. Heck, I can't click on the computer without buying fabric! Your grandchildren are so adorable! We had a very quiet Easter as well. And how fun is that to prepare birthdays! Kind of like weddings....but much less expensive. Hehe!

  5. Sweet pics of fun times. Love those missing front teeth. Your granddaughter's that is least you think I meant you.

  6. Beautiful grand girls! You have been a busy woman.

  7. A wonderful diary of pictures. Sweet sweet girlies. Enjoy your day

  8. I thought I had a good week, but I don't think I can top yours!