Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random Thursday: March Edition

This month seems to be flying by and my blogging has been sparse! I've been a busy girl. The mail man has been filling my box with packages filled with cheerful churn dash blocks. I'll show you those later!
 I'm preparing for a short guild presentation on selvages. Suz shared some with me all the way from Australia...thank you!
 My little featherweight was my best friend last week as I sewed many hours at the dining room table testing a quilt pattern for a new designer.
 Here are the yummy Kona solids that I was playing with!
While I was sewing along, I kept thinking about his beauty that graced my bed during a weekend stay with a friend. I've been wanting to make a dresden quilt  and these low volume colors are just what I had in mind! Is any idea really  new?!
Outside, some days are really warm. I even spotted a tiny flower today! Forget that it snowed on Sunday or that there's more in the forecast! 
My hubby has been slaving away on our basement re-do. (It's been going on forever it seems.) I think up the ideas and he makes it happen! This old window  is now a chalkboard. My "new" old screen door gives access to storage under the stairs. When we get it all finished, I'll post a full reveal. Soon, I hope!
 Last week was my birthday. My husband surprised me with these awesome shoes by Toms. The fabric used to make them is handmade in India at a leper colony and then the design hand stamped by artists working for JOYN. JOYN was started by my friend, Melody, to give employment opportunities to the poor in India. I'm so proud to wear these shoes and think about how they came to be! Aren't they pretty.
 Something else pretty: My new fruit bowls, found at Home Goods. They match my shoes!
 Spring break for the grandies meant a trip to the zoo. Getting a good picture of the monkeys children can sometimes be a challenge! (The lady in the background wearing short sleeves and shorts must have heard the wrong weather forecast!)

Another favorite spring break past time is a visit to Science City. I had fun tagging along with these sweet girls. I just wish that I'd worn pink shoes!
See ya  later!


  1. What fun with the grands! You have been a very busy lady. Love those new shoes for sure.

  2. Oh, this is full of lovelies! It's great seeing the pincushion and unpicker in action! Your new shoes are very Springlike! And those grandchildren look like a lot of fun! Do they keep you young (or make you feel old? LOL!)

  3. The bowls do match your shoes, don't they!
    Super-cute grand kids! I love the photo smiles. :)

  4. You have your hands full! What a great picture of your grandchildren too.
    Happy Birthday!

  5. So many great pictures! Love the one with the grand kids at the zoo! Great faces!

  6. Can you just hear Jimmy Stewart saying "It's a wonderful life". Great post.

  7. Love the idea of how the shoes came to be. How wonderful. Lovely blocks. Looking forward to seeing that juicy quilt

  8. So happy to see all that is keeping you busy! Enjoy!!

  9. I think perhaps I see a package from Mary in there! Of course I didn't read instructions you need to let me know if you want me to do those blocks over....please. I am sorry they are late....I have had a busy couple of months too. whew! I love the pictures from the zoo! I need to borrow some little ones so I can truly enjoy the zoo experience. There is nothing like kiddos at the zoo. Your shoes are great! And so are the bowls! I bet they make your oats look happy!

  10. Neat stuff here, Carla. You've prompted me to think about getting out my Featherweight for some sewing. I haven't used it since we moved here! Your basement is going to be really cool, I just know it. That chalkboard idea is very clever. How nice that you could spend time with grandies. You know how much I envy you that. And your kidlets are just adorable. The cheesy grins!

  11. Fun post Carla! So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Those Toms are awesome. Nice bundles of packages there. I see my bee blocks included. I hope they are fine. I don't mind redoing them if necessary. I'm interested to hear more about your selvages presentation and look forward to the full basement redo reveal.