Monday, March 3, 2014

Color Photo Challenge: Black, Part Two

In challenging myself to photograph 16 word prompts each month based on a color, I didn't anticipate that the color black would be difficult. But it was. Here are the last 7 photos for my February challenge.

DOOR: My front door is black. A berry wreath adorns it for winter.
 CREATURE: When it's 5 degrees outside, I wonder how these cattle stand it. Maybe lying down helps keep them warm.
 NATURE: A tree stump with black fungus growing on it looks almost like it had been burned. Does it look like a heart to you?
NEW: If you have to do dishes, you might as well have a pretty bottle of good smelling soap to help make the job more pleasurable. (Well, the lid is black!)
 STRUCTURE: I'm imagining this gorgeous urn filled with flowers this spring. Soon, I hope! Too bad it's not mine.
 INSPIRATION: The details of this old screen door remind me of the quilt that I designed a few years ago called Beaded Curtain.
 QUILT: I don't use a lot of black in quilts, I guess. My Kandinsky inspired art quilt, Test Signals,  comes the closest.
That's all folks! Green is the color for March's photo challenge. I think that will be easier...I'd love to see some of that color springing up outside, wouldn't you!


  1. I was only thinking about this series today! I love that quilt- so modern in its graphic design! And even I'd like doing the dishes with a pretty dispenser like that! Looking forward to a green March, including St Patricks Day celebrations soon!

  2. Lovely photos! And I also love that quilt!

  3. I am impressed by anyone who can operate a camera properly (I can only point and shoot). Great shots. I also took the opportunity to check out your beaded curtain quilt. Love it. It reminds me of Chinese lanterns.

  4. Your photo challenges are always one of most favorite things to see! Love seeing your interpretation.

  5. Love your pics! Can't wait for green.

  6. Always fun to see what you come up with, especially for black. Not an easy color to photograph.

  7. You take the prettiest pictures! Even the cows look good. Your selections for black are very good, especially the beaded-looking fence - my fav.