Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Friendship X and + Swap

Friendship X and + Quilt recipe: Makes one awesome lap quilt

Step One: Open airmail package from Suz in Austrailia. Squeal in delight! 
 Step two: Find my first four blocks in the same color wave.
Step three: Mix the two sets of blocks together...
 Keep stirring till thoroughly blended together.
 Step four: Arrange the friendship blocks side by side.
Step back and admire!
 Step five: Store blocks in a cute container. Keep adding more pretty blocks every month with the goal of 64 total. Watch closely in anticipation!
If you have been on the fence about joining Susan and me in making this friendship quilt, I hope that all the prettiness has pushed you over!  You can find the guidelines here. Check out the Friendship Swap flickr group, too. We plan to post photos of our blocks on the last day of every month. Susan is blogging about the swap today as well. Hop on over!

Lolly Quiltz

P.S. Happy Halloween from me and my friends!
Where's Waldo?


  1. What a fun post! Your photos are SO good! And the blocks do play so nicely together, don't they? Your Halloween costumes look super-fun too! BTW- the new colour palette for this month are aqua, orange and brown!

  2. I love those little bits of orange. You are all too cute!

  3. You are definitely having too much fun!

  4. Beautiful Carla! I love your colour choices : )

  5. Love love super love!!!! Once blended, I can't tell whose is whose! This will be another AMAZING quilt for you, and Sue!! And we love Waldo at our house..such a clever idea!!!

  6. Those blocks are so gorgeous. LOVE the costume! :-)

  7. Great blocks! How fun to receive a package from Australia!

  8. Just wanted to stop in and say LOVE your blocks. I just joined and look forward to playing and watching your quilt grow.

  9. The blocks are very pretty! Will all your blocks be in the same colours? How fun dressing up with your friends for Halloween. Looks like you had a great time.

  10. Too cute! The eight blocks, and you and your friends. It's good to see you enjoying your friendships, both in fabrics and in costumes!

  11. Beautiful blocks--I love your colors. I'm so excited about this block swap. Hey, guess what? I'm going to be late for posting my November blocks. Shocking, huh?