Friday, October 4, 2013

Friendship X and + Swap....Won't You Join Us?

Do you have an invisible friend? I do.That's what I call my blogging buddies that I have never had the privilege of meeting in person, but feel so connected to regardless. Susan, who blogs at PatchworknPlay,  has become one of those special friends. I love her "style" and certainly hope that someday we will meet in person. Susan and I have hatched out a swap we are going to do and thought that some of you might like to join us. We will be trading X and + blocks. You know the ones! I fell in love with the block after making these pink ones recently for another swap.
Here are the basic guidelines, if you and a blogging buddy (or any quilting friend) are interested:

Friendship x and + Swap Guidelines:
!. Pick a friend to swap with: An invisible one (blogging friend that you have never met in real life)  even!
2. Pick a pallet for your blocks (we used Design Seeds to find ours). Or decide to just go scrappy.
3. Check out Amy Badskirt's tutorial to learn how to make the block.
4. Add the Friendship x and + button to your blog sidebar.
5. Decide how many total blocks you want for your quilts. Suz and I are going with 64 blocks and will be dividing them out for 8 months, making 8 each month.
6. Every month you will make a set of blocks for yourself and an identical set for your swap partner. She will do the same for you. In my case, then, I will make 4 different  xand+ blocks and an identical set of 4 to mail to Suz. With the 4 she sends me that month, I will have 8 blocks for that month.
7. Blog about your blocks on the LAST FRIDAY of each month. Also, feel free to use Instagram with the hashtag #friendshipxandplusswap to show off your block and color pallet.
Here's the Design Seed pallet that Suz and I are going to base our fabric choices on:
 I have even pulled a few fabrics that might work for my first set of blocks. We have also decided to used text or solid white for the background pieces.
Does this sound like fun? If so, and you are game to create identical quilts with a quilting buddy (invisible or not) please comment letting me know. Susan is posting about the swap also. (Be sure to visit her blog and say "hi".) Here's the button and html code, if you decide to join us and would like to add it to your blog. (The button was designed by Homemade Ginger.)

Lolly Quiltz


  1. Oh, you have written a wonderful post! And those fabrics look wonderful! This is going to be fun!

  2. Yes, I am totally game. I have contacted a non-invisible friend and am praying that she says yes! I love these blocks so much and starting a new project, well, doesn't sound like a great idea since I have problems with completion, but this sure sounds like fun!

  3. I have never met an X and + block I didn't love! I'm in

  4. What a beautiful Idea! Definitely a strong friendship will be built along the months. Suvh a sweet idea. I would love to join in, but will need someone to say yes...will be blogging and tell you ladies if "me + someone" will do it!

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  5. You and Susan are having way too much fun! It's a great idea and will surely attract the attention of a lot of quilters. Enjoy yourselves!

  6. I'm thinking and will let you know if I can get it going with another online quilter friend.

  7. I was asked by my invisible friend Heidi to take part in this Friendship Swap and of course I could not reject it!!! This is a great idea and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun and a great quilt in the end :-)

  8. Love the idea! Wish I had time for something like this!

    Amanda Rose

  9. My best "invisible friend" and I are making plans to join in the fun. Thanks for this wonderful idea. We are really looking forward to making quilts together ... :) Pat

  10. What a fun idea. I can't wait to see what you all accomplish!