Thursday, August 16, 2012

Really Random Thursday--Colorado Vacation

I spent last week in beautiful Colorado....
 ....with all of these lovely people (plus a half dozen more). I'm related to them all (except for the sideways guy on the left..not sure how he got in there).  It was a family reunion...half of us from the Midwest and the other half from California...all meeting in the middle, so to speak.
There's even a lake and hiking trail named after us (maybe???)...
 We didn't hike it. Maybe we will someday when the twelve and under crowd grows up a little....hopefully, by then the 50 and older crowd will still be able to walk! Ha!! Instead, we drove to the top of the world and looked back at the road we'd just driven!
 We did do a couple of hikes...the kind where you can easily keep track of 20 people walking together, especially when eleven of them are children....
 ...who love to love to check out nature along the way...
....pick up any rocks they find here and there.....
 ....and who might even need to rest.
 It takes a lot of food to feed 25 people for a week, and we ate really, really the great outdoors and with very fun table mates...
 Every evening we worked on decorating our white tablecloth with fabric markers...
 ...and ended up with a one-of-a-kind family memento.
Did you know that you can have ice cream even in the mountains of Colorado, far from the nearest store? Yep. You will need one of these... a bunch of kids who like to roll a ball around a circle for  20 minutes  okay, 45 minutes....and you will get one pint of yummy ice cream....(Please note the quilt...Never leave home without one, that's my motto!) go with any birthday cake you may be serving to surprise some one's grandad who is having a BIG birthday!
To celebrate the Olympics with the rest of the world, we even held our own Timberlake Olympic games....
...culminating in an awards ceremony with bronze, silver and gold medals for the athletes and their teams. In case you are curious, the one in the hat was the overall gold medal winner!
Since fabric is never far from my mind no matter where I am, a trip to a certain Swedish store was on my itinerary....
....where I scored a couple of backing fabrics for a very good price. I was shocked to learn that I would cut and label my own purchase... Amazing!
 Running across this cute cottage in Grand Lake tickled my fancy. I'm just certain that a quilter lives here, aren't you...
 And, on the way home, I kept thinking about pinwheel quilts for some odd reason....hmm...maybe something in blue and white, with a little yellow for accent...

I'm linking up with Cindy today for Really Random Thursday. Hop on over to see more random stuff...some quilty; some not!


  1. It looks like a fabulous time and I can almost smell the great outdoors as I look at the pictures. What fun!

  2. What an amazing adventure and how wonderful to spend it with family!!

  3. What a wonderful time you had! Love this post. So many fun things to see. Thanks for linking up, Carla! Now we need to talk on the phone!!

  4. what a FUN trip! I want a close up shot of that FUN quilt!

  5. That looks such fun! Know what you mean about the under 12s - I'm waiting for mine to grow longer legs.

  6. That reunion looks like so much fun. Are you sure you won't adopt me into your family? Pretty please!

  7. Looks like a really nice family reunion! And for random coincidence - I just wrote about fabric at IKEA in my random post (before I read yours). Gotta love no wait lines to get your fabric cut!

  8. What fun time you had! Lots of wonderful memories made!

  9. Looks like a grand time was had by all!

  10. I stopped by earlier today, but I had to come back, because I was in a hurry. I sure love the fabrics you found. I guess I am going to have to get to IKEA sometime and check things out. I have never been to one before!

  11. sounds like you had a great time :) i love that fabric with the lobsters on it

  12. Oh how I enjoyed reading about your trip! It looks like it was so much fun, but I'm sure that behind those idyllic pictures were lots of moms who did food prep and kept after children. What a crew! So glad you made it to an Ikea for fabrics. I've never thought to check out fabrics when I've been there! That's a darling house with the quilt-y roof. Makes you want to get a new roof, doesn't it? Those wind turbines are amazing too, aren't they? I love seeing dozens of them across a horizon. Good for you to be observing quilts in everything. I hope you're happy to be home again and back to sewing.

  13. What fun! A great big family enjoying each oter's company - what more could you ask?