Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Crazy Stuff

The calendar is still turned to August, but I keep finding more and more of these pretties in my yard. What a crazy summer it has been.
Speaking of crazy: inside, look who I found jailed in my bird cage!...
 Poor Tinkerbell. Her jailer looks pretty smug, don't you think?
 It's almost as crazy as seeing the Cat in the Hat riding on a motorcycle!
 Talk about crazy....Look what I picked up at an estate sale this week. The three blue pieces in the background all measure at a yard and a half each. The light pink one is about a yard and the others are fat quarters. Cost? Twelve dollars. For the whole shebang! Crazy fun!!
 And while we are on the subject of fabric...I was recently gifted this beautiful clutch created in India from fabric hand woven and hand stamped in a leper colony before being stitched  together one at a time providing a living for the artisan's families.
 My friend, Melody, started this young company called Joyn. You can read about it here. Look for some of their beautiful products at stores selling Dayspring and other brands.  
 I use my bag to hold a crochet hook and yarn for the dish cloths I like to work on when watching TV.  I love to think about the hands that made it.
 Speaking of what I like to work on...The Farmer's Wife blocks are all sashed and ready to be set together! Woo Hoo!!
Cindy's Really Random Thursday posts are always fun to read. Hop over and see what other random stuff is going on!


  1. Some crazy things happening there!

    Lovely pouch!

  2. Love your post. Helped cheer me up. I needed that! Okay, so you better 'splain the bird cage situation! That is funny! I love the fabric you found at the estate sale. Awesome! I am jealous you have Farmer's Wife done....mine is still waiting to be started. I'm learning to crochet. This makes me itch to go do it. Gotta go find my hooks!

  3. Oh, yeah, and I meant to say, we've been seeing leaves fall here (Michigan) for a couple of weeks now. Pretty scary. Seems to signal an early winter.

  4. Lots of interesting goings on! Love your clutch and the cause it supports. Tinker bell in a cage?? Great fabric at a great price!

  5. Love the clutch and your garage sale fabric!,

  6. Crazy indeed. Tinkerbell made me laugh. And WOW on FW blocks!!!