Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Good Friend Quilt

For weeks now, Vicki and I have been planning to make a quilt together. She chose this pattern, called Good Fortune by Kate Spain, and I immediately said "yes"! Isn't it awesome.
 Having lots of Flea Market Fancy on hand, I cut some 2.5 inch strips and made my own "jelly roll" paired with Kona PFD white purchased with a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's. (love those)
 It took us pretty much all day to get the strips cut into the sizes needed, with a break here and there for chatting and a quick lunch of yogurt, fresh blackberries and homemade granola parfaits. (Yummy!) 
 Vicki had a lovely jelly roll of Sunkissed by Sweetwater to work with. Since she was short one strip, I gave her one cut from Flea Market Fancy to fill in. (Do you spot it?) Instead of "Good Fortune" I think we should call our quilts "Good Friend"! In my world, there's not much better than spending the day sewing with a good friend.
 The directions call for using 36 jelly roll strips. This is what I had left after cutting...
 Vicki had a bunch, as well. We probably have enough for another small quilt each!
 After Vicki left for home, another good friend stopped by for a drink. (Notice my lovely "green grass"....that's what happens when there's a drought and the temps are 100+ for days on end.)
The stream that runs through our property has been dried up for weeks. I'd guess that my little garden pond is the only available water nearby right my barred owl friend  (and two others) has been hanging around quite a bit!
 I love it when good friends stop by, don't you! 
P.S. Please don't judge my crop of string algae on the water's the ONLY thing that seems to thrive in this heat!


  1. There is nothing better than sewing time with a friend. I really like the pattern you've chosen. It will look super with FMF and Sunkissed. I don't think I've ever seen an owl up close and personal!

  2. What a cute pattern you and Vicki chose to work on together! It looks like such fun. I totally agree that nothing beats sewing with a friend, unless it's giving water to a friend in need... that owl. What a treat for you to see a creature like that. Be sure to let us see pictures of the progress on these quilts.

  3. That beautiful owl must have been so thirsty! Thankfully your little pond is some respite and liquid refreshment for it. Your quilts are going to be lovely! Perhaps they could be called "Fortunate Friends"?!

  4. I love getting together and sewing with friends, it makes the less fun parts go fast!

  5. How fun! I love the pattern and both of your fabric choices. And I had to smile... you are SO organized with your stacks of fabric all marked accordingly!

    Jennifer :)

  6. You are right about having a good friend to quilt with ,mine moved back to Nova Scotia and I miss her so much. They will both be beautiful quilts.

  7. Looks like a wonderful way to sew! LOVE the owl in the pond! I have been leaving saucers of water on the porch for the local squirrels! Love to watch 'em :)

  8. This looks like sew much fun! I love jelly rolls. A lot. And that owl is gorgeous. I've never seen one just come up and hang out for a drink before. I just wanted to let you know that I chose you for The Versatile Blogger award. Check it out if you are interested.

    Amanda Rose

  9. How fun to sew with you. I'm sorry that we didn't have time to do that in May....

    Wow, an owl! My son considers himself an "owl-er"--he and his friend love learning more about owls.

  10. That quilt is going to be lovely. How cool is that owl! And don't worry about the algae - ponds are supposed to have algae. Ours does. :-)

    Sorry to hear about your grass - if it makes you feel any better, I thought you had run a special filter on your photo to give it an art effect and highlight the owl. :-)