Friday, May 4, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--A Cultured Woman

Our farmer's wife today is identified as Mrs. J. A. M. from Ingham County, Michigan, so I'm going to call her Mrs. Jam! Now, Mrs. Jam is hoping to "see my daughters, three in number, marry farmers...All I ask is that it be a farm in a good productive place..."
"I want my daughter to be a cultured woman: a cultured person must be a thinker and I am sure there is no other place or work which affords the chance for one to think than the farm does." Now, I'm not quite sure how this Bat Wing block got connected to culture, but I have to say that for some reason I just love the look of it and have been looking forward to making it! I will also say that my husband and I have had our own encounter with a bat here in our neck of the woods a few years ago.  It did take some "fast thinking" on our part to figure out a way to get it out of our house one night when it suddenly flew in through the door to the garage! Think open door,  swinging broom, ducking, screaming, and peeking out from behind a door (that was my part). It circled the room, flying lower and lower before finding the open door. Whew! Hope that was a once in a lifetime experience. Freaky!! It's such a cute block though.
 Bat Wing--Block #5
Mrs. Jam (love that name) also says that at times farm women have to "hurry up a little but we have time to read, do fancy work, play with our children and make their clothes in the latest fashion." No doubt, she had wooden spools of thread for her sewing.
Spool--Block #84
 Both of the blocks this week were simple to create and striking to look at....just the way I like them!
 Come to think of it, they really look similar...turn the spool on it's side and you will see what I mean....
 Marble joined me for pictures today. Do you see how fat she is? That's not because we overfeed her or that she's having babies soon. Nope. She's earning her keep, just the way she is supposed to...and it's keeping her fat and happy (if you know what I mean)!  Good cat!
I'm heading over to Cindy's blog to see her blocks and find out which one she has been anxious to make...could it be the Bat Wing block, like me?


  1. Great colour selection!! Marble is a beautiful cat!

  2. Love these blocks! Spools has always been a favorite :) How many blocks do you have now?

  3. They are both gorgeous!! I really like the Bat Wing and the fabrics you've used :)

  4. Your Bat Wing is so much cuter than mine! This was a fun week. They should all be like this--simple and striking!

  5. Very fun blocks. Of course the cat had to get a little action...

  6. Once again, I love your use of red and green!