Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colorado Views

I've been vacationing. Oh, the views that I had....
Breathtaking views from Leadville, Colorado.....
 Hard to believe views at the Great Sand Dunes near Alamosa....
Quirky, quilty roof views near Taos, New Mexico........
Pretty red head views at St. Elmo.....
Silly son-in-law views......
Hard to pass up fabric shop views...........
And many hours in the car with a needle and hexagons views.......

 Ahhhh...how I enjoyed my vacation views!
Thanks for the memories, Colorado. I love you.


  1. Looks like a great vacation!

  2. i still don't understand how to hand stitch hexagons but i want to so bad. do you make a template to cut them out of?

  3. Oh how fun!! Sometime when you are this close you have to stop by!! It has been awhile!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. I love Colorado.. Endless views all around you.. and you have family with you there. It can not be any more perfect than that!

  5. Loved to share your trip, Carla! Beautiful scenery and good company, a winner combination...
    I spotted a little book in your purchases. Maybe you have caught a bug while traveling, too?

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous, they almost look fake they are so perfect. Have a good time!

  7. I LOVE Colorado in the summertime!

  8. Oh, simply amazing! What a beautiful country! And look at you with the hexagons!

  9. Colorado IS beautiful..used to live in Pagosa Springs and headed back up there over the July 4th weekend. Can't WAIT!!

  10. Pretty pictures. I know Taos, firsthand, and think it's such a pretty place, but the places you went are stunning! What a nice getaway for all of you.

    I can't believe you're doing the Farmer's Daughter, gone modern, though I expect to see that it will be really wonderful, coming from you.

  11. Awww, CO is my home state. This makes me miss it. Glad you had a great time!

  12. Ahhh, Colorado. Supposed to be there now, but sadly, vacation was postponed because of funeral arrangements. My husbands family is from the Leadville area. Hopefully, I'll be out there soon.

    So glad you had a great trip!