Monday, March 28, 2011

A House for the Birds

Over the weekend, I decided to build a house! Not just any house, mind you, but a pink one with an aqua roof and a purple porch! 
I haven't decided on a color for the front door yet, but for now I'm just using a green paper one. The red-winged black bird stopped by for a visit yesterday.
 I think she's calling the realtor today.  She seems to want to stay!
Thanks to everyone who gave me an opinion on adding birds to the center or not. The tally was pretty close, really. The thing that threw me over to the "yes, birds" camp was the fact that my "partner", who will actually be getting the finished quilt, (but, hopefully, hasn't guessed that yet) left her opinion on the Doll Quilt flickr site when I posed the same question.
I was very excited to find out that she voted to have birds in the middle of the flower, sooooo...
that's what I did.
My gut told me that the whole thing was pretty busy with 3 birds flying around on those dots. (Many of you thought so too!) The eyes really needed a place to land, as well, so hopefully adding a solid colored house with only one bird is the best of
 both worlds!
I appliqued them down yesterday while watching my team lose a
 BIG basketball game.
(There may or may not be tear stains on the quilt top.)


  1. This couldn't be more perfect. You are so creative!

    I was sad about your team losing too... their loss ruined my tournament bracket! ;)

    Jennifer :)

  2. I love the block so fun and full of is freezing here today!

  3. I like it a lot better with the birdhouse and one bird, it doesn't look so busy. Important thing is that you are happy with it.

  4. It's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. The colors make me smile :)

  5. It really does look very nice with the bird on a plain piece. What a nice project. And you're giving it away?! Those tear stains are probably from knowing you can't keep the quilt. Anyway, who would EVER care enough about a game to cry over it? (You might be able to guess how low sports rank on my "important things of life" list.)

  6. I feel your pain - my beloved Buckeyes lost Friday night!!! Drat!!! And looky who lives in a pink house...okay...I suppose you don't live in a bird house, but it is pretty cute!!!

  7. I had to smile when I saw a house in the center, as I had thought that the original 3 birds looked like they had "made it" to the feeder and the others were circling about waiting their turn. A birdhouse is that much more restful:)
    A creatively wonderful solution!

  8. I had originally voted for no birds. But the bird and the birdhouse is genius!

  9. So cute! Love it!