Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Sewer's Dozen

If a baker's dozen is thirteen, then maybe a sewer's dozen is ya think?
I'm guessing so, because that's how many of THESE I have laying around my house right now.................        What a pile, huh!?
The first stockings were made a million years ago, when my first baby was born. I remember making an extra, thinking I'd need another someday.....then I had to add a fifth stocking a few years later, when I had a third baby.  (Megan has always claimed hers is smaller than her brothers''s the white one.) Can we say 70's calico!!
These five served us very well for along time.  Then about 9 years ago I began adding stockings, here and there, as our family grew to include daughters-in-law, a son-in-law and grand babies. Little by little it has turned into quite a collection, all cut from the same pattern.
On Christmas Eve eve,number fourteen was finished around 8:00 that morning, before my grand daughters arrived to play for the day. There wasn't enough rick rack to put on the toe and heel like the others...hopefully Jane won't notice. It's white like her mommy's stocking. (And maybe a teensy bit bigger!) I wonder if I'll be making more in years to come?
           And, yes, Santa still comes and fills each one with goodies every year. Whew!
 Welcome to the family, Janie Sue!!


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous idea - I love it xxx
    And how special to have so many stockings which equate to a big family xxx

  2. I like the black stocking with the candy canes. The fabric caught my eye right away.

  3. What a great tradition! I have a feeling you will be making many more of these . . . better stock up on the rick rack!

  4. Darlin'! I love the tradition. These are SO cute!

  5. Love the stockings. My stocking when I was small was red felt with white trim around the top, and with felt "appliques" glitzed up with lots of sequins, along with our name. I made one for my husband when we got married, son, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids. They look pretty "vintage" by now, and seem kinda small. But I sure love them.

    It is fun seeing all the different fabrics in your stockings.

  6. How sweet! What a great tradition of lovingly made and personal heirlooms from you! My granny made me a red felt stocking in 1977 that I still have - it's one of my most cherished items.

  7. I love your stockings. I made ours too but this year I sent them home with the kids. I am planning to make a large family stocking for each family. No room on the mantle for all my grandkids. Next year we will be adding 2 more!! They were all happy to receive them!! Happy New Year!