Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Challenge

                                                         Oh, my!  What's all this?!
 Yep!  You guessed it right.........charm packs of Kona solids!  100 of them to be exact.....One for each member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild (plus a few extras).
 Our challenge, should we accept it, is to create a quilt using all the charms in the color story that we chose. Some of the squares can be used on the back, if we want, but each one must be represented in the quilt somewhere.  We can add as much fabric as we want to make the quilt, as long as it is solid.  No prince  prints allowed!! Oh sure, we cut up the squares into any shape, and do not have to use the entire square, but at least a small piece of every color must be pieced into the quilt.
 Of course, I couldn't resist!  It was soooo hard to decide which pack to choose. I started out with the brights (the most popular with the quilters last night, I'd say), then changed to the dusty packet before finally ending up with the pastel charms in my bag. The quilts are due at the March MQG meeting...a celebration, of sorts, of our one year anniversary! Thank you, Robert Kaufman, for such a nice gift to our guild.  We love us some solid colors!!!

We also love us some prints!  Look at this beauty, made by Paula and shown off by the maker and our President, Jacquie.
Paula did a presentation of the Six Minute Circle (which she can make in four minutes!) She used the method to create the circles on this wonderful quilt.  I am definitely going to try it!
I love me some modern quilt guild!!


  1. OH, that sounds like a fun challenge! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  2. Looks like fun. Our guild is in the middle of a challenge right now and I'm stuck!! I have until the end of Feb. Can't wait to see. When is it due?

  3. That sounds like an interesting challenge. I hope you will post lots of pictures of the finished quilts.