Friday, October 8, 2010

A Tale of Two Quilts

 Quilting with a friend, or friends, is one of my favorite activities! It's heaven to me...fabric, friends and, usually, food.....The Three F's!! This teapot quilt came about because of a weekend spend quilting with a favorite girlfriend, Jan.
 Jan and I have made so many quilts together over the years. I think the first one was almost twenty years ago now. Usually, one of us comes up with an idea and then we each make two of each block and give one to the other.  This way our quilts come out almost alike, with the exception of block placement and sashing choices sometimes. Sometimes, the whole project may take a year or more to complete because, you see, we live several hours apart and it can be months before we get to sew together. But, it's a lifeblood of our relationship and we both love the extra bond it gives us.
 The pretty blocks for this quilt were mostly finished over a weekend spent at Jan's house, around her dining room table, using 30's prints we both had collected over the years. The teapots were machine appliqued using a blanket stitch and black thread. Mine was machine quilted with some lovely feathers by another friend and long arm quilter, Sherri Dolly.
 The corner teacup blocks in the border were made using paper piecing and remind me of the many cups of brew I have shared with my friend over the years. Do you have a special pal that you enjoy quilting with?  I can't recommend it enough!  Today is Jan's birthday......I wish I was close enough to share a cup of Constant Comment around the dining table and a sewing machine!

Wait!  Is that another teapot quilt in my garbage can? Yep! If you'd like to know why,then join me over at Stash Manicure where I'm a guest blogger today telling about
 "My Worst Quilt Nightmare!"


  1. Now that is a much happier story..although I sew loved your nightmare one...You are a gem my dear, I wish I lived closer to share in some quilting hours and girl time...blessings and thank you ever sew much. madame samm

  2. I Love your teapot quilt!
    Where can I get the pattern?
    I have not seen such a whimsical teapot pattern anywhere.

  3. This is such an adorable pattern and I love the 30s fabrics you've used in it! Is there a pattern available?

    Thanks, Karen

  4. Your relationship with your friend is wonderful. Finding a special friend is sometimes difficult. Cherish that, as I am sure you do.

    It was good to read your nightmare story-confession, though I feel your pain! You're a brave person to admit your mistake. But coming clean is cleansing, isn't it?

  5. Carla, I so enjoyed reading your post on SM. So sorry all that happened. But your new quilt is so cute.

  6. A wonderful funny story which gave me a great reason to check out your blog. I'm a new blogger since June 2010 and I also have 5 beautiful grandchildren! Quilting is my therapy and I LOVE reading all the quilting blogs. However, the fun of reading about and viewing everyone's unique quilts is keeping me from my own quilting. I MUST find a balance! Please visit me and leave a comment so I know you stopped by.
    Jane (GMama)

  7. Please, how may I find this teapot pattern?? I forgot to ask in my last comment. I love the pattern and it will be a great way to use up my 30's/40's fabric. Thanks