Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hattie's Crush

 This is Hattie.  She came to live with us last fall and sits by my mailbox watching the cars go by.  Sometimes when I walk down the lane to pick up the mail she likes to chat a bit. Yesterday she went on and on about her Innocent Crush on some fabric she'd been hearing about. Word in the pumpkin patch, she said, is that my LQS, Harper's Quilts and Fabric Company, just got a shipment of the Anna Maria Horner fabric.  Now, Hattie is a good friend so i certainly want to make her happy. I love to give gifts to my friends...........see that big grin!  It just makes my day!!
I'd like to make Hattie a fall quilt to keep her legs warm once the air gets chilly.  I hope she agrees.  I might have a little bit of a Crush myself!

After my chat with Hattie today, I spent an enjoyable hour making a block for the Nittany Bee. Freida sent some charm squares and a FQ of cream fabric, asking us to make any block that we wanted. The Christmas themed fabric gave me the idea of creating a wreath of bow tie blocks. Bow ties are fun to make....wonder how they would look in a fall themed quilt?
Maybe I'll ask Hattie tomorrow!


  1. What a darling Hattie is! I love her hat! And I can see why AMH newest fabric is a perfect match for her...

    ; )

    This line is easy to fall in love with!

  2. I think Hattie is amazingly cute! =)

  3. Hattie is super fun! And I'm so jealous that your LQS is carrying AMH! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Jennifer :)

  4. Hattie is I mean it...I love her...and Carla. I am your 100th follower today YEAH...I take my hat off to you and Hattie..but she is wearing mine...she is no doubt in the pink in everyone's heart...the best today for you and your son...blessings madame samm

  5. Hattie is so cute...although somewhat un-huggable, she is definitely still lovable! Maybe it's those Anna Marie Horner Innocent Crush fabrics, too! We love her here at Harper's!

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