Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pink x & + Blocks

Almost every month I am tempted to begin a quilt just like the one chosen for that month's Mid-Century Modern Bee. August is no exception!
 Mary chose the fabulous x&+ block which has received cult following on flickr. You can find the tutorial by Badskirt Amy here
This is my second time to make this block for a bee and both times I've fallen hard. 
The cutting is time consuming if you want to do a scrappy version (which is my favorite, of course) but the piecing is simple and straight forward. This pink version will be so cute for little girls!
Speaking of pink and little girls, I know someone who turned three last week!
Happy birthday my dear Janie Sue. You light up my life!


  1. I love your blocks, there is just something about pink, and little girls, she is adorable!!

  2. Janie Sue loves pink too! These blocks were such fun to make, weren't they? I can see why you fell hard for them! Yours are very pretty!

  3. Happy birthday, Janie Sue!! She is so sweet. Absolutely LOVE those blocks. The pink is fantastic in this one.

  4. That Janey Sue just steals my heart away--I'll bet you are just smitten!

    I finished up my blocks today after seeing everyone's take shape up on Flickr, and like you, I'm wanting to do this block, too! Yours are beautiful.


  5. Lovely blocks Carla and that little Janie-- oh my

  6. Love, love, love those pink blocks! I've yet to make an "x and +" block, but yours make it oh so tempting to start :) I've been jumping all over the place with my projects... It's not a very productive way to sew, but it sure is fun!! And what a cutie-patootie little Janie Sue :)

  7. You're such a pink kind of person yourself, it's no wonder you like these blocks! Actually, I think you're more of a strawberry girl, and that's just as lovely. Janie is a doll. And three already?! Such a sweetie. You are a blessed strawberry lady.

  8. Janie is super adorable. Of course, I'm extremely partial to redheads. I have stacks and stacks of pink so I will undoubtedly make a couple of these blocks. I have never made one of these but have always wanted to, so I'm glad Mary chose this one!