Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Random July 365 Photo Challenge: Week 4

It's time again for another week of random shots in my challenge to take a picture everyday during 2013! This set includes several taken with my new IPhone 5 and some  "quilty" photos. Here's my was yours?

Old and New:I love old quilts and have an antique "Ocean Waves" quilt hanging on the wall next to an old cabinet full of my "new" quilts.

Two Scoops:If there's one thing I love, it's ice cream. Don't judge me but, I ate every bite of this cherry limeade sherbet cone and could have eaten another scoop.Seriously, 
I've been addicted to that Braum's flavor for years and it's a good thing that it's not available locally!

Progress:It was fun to watch the quilts grow during the Wonky Crosses workshop that I led last week. Aren't they fun and colorful!

Stacked: When I first saw this sitting on a table during a wedding reception, I thought it was a stack of gifts. Nope! That's the wedding cake!

Inspiration: Spied on the wall of a brick building in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, the side-by-side squares, all made by school children, remind me of a patchwork quilt!

Intent: Marble, the hunting-est cat around, is always watchful for the next prey!

Cropped: And lastly, a glimpse of my pride and joy with a bit of me showing it off!
As always, thank you for indulging me with your views of other things besides quilts!

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  1. Every picture is just great! It's fun to see into your world. Oh how I'd love to join you eating one of those ice cream/sorbet cones! Looks and sounds delicious! I also love the looks of all those wonky cross blocks. Those are still on my to-do list. As for your FW quilt... you look beautiful standing next to your beautiful quilt. So, so wonderful! I have no doubt that those Arkansas quilters who attended your program had their socks knocked off.

  2. I think that this is one of the most fun challenges I read about all week! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I love this weekly look into your world too Carla! Your clothes are beautiful, as is your cat Marble. And look at your FW quilt! It is a winner, that's a certainty! I love ice cream too - I have lots of favourite flavours so its often hard to resist!

  4. What a great post - I can see you are going to be a great addition to our little group!

  5. Good morning Carla. That last pic with you in it. Oh my that quilt! That's the farmers wife?how is it that some are on point and not others? Amazing