Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Random June 365 Photo Challenge: Week 2

This week, all of my photographs were taken in my own yard. I've decided to start posting the 365 Photo Challenge pictures on Thursday and linking up with Cindy's Really  Random Thursday shots are all certainly random! Here they are...

Vines: I've been growing bittersweet vine for years but never have a berry come fall! This spring, I planted a second vine after being told that I need both a boy and a girl plant. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mr. Bitter likes Miss Sweet and I see some orange berries when the leaves start falling!

Signs of Summer: Daisies and bugs!

Reflection: This small gazing ball sits in my shade garden. Can you see my house behind me?

Two: A couple of the loves of my life building birdhouses.

Sparkle: Pinwheels add some fun to my flower pots.

Purple: I kept hoping that a little fairy would pop up under this arch, but it never did!

Relax At the end of the day, this is a wonderful spot to rest and enjoy God's creation.

Check out Really Random Thursday and 365 Photo Challenge for more fun pics.

Live A Colorful Life


  1. Once again, you did it! Just love your 365 posts!

  2. I can just imagine you relaxing in one of those chairs after a hard day in the garden!

  3. Please link EVERY Thursday! You are my favorite photographer. I'm being repetitious but seriously, your interpretation of the prompts is superb.

  4. P.S. Can I come sit in one of those chairs, next to you, and have a glass of iced tea?

  5. Gorgeous photos once again. Your garden is beautiful in summer. I hope you're getting some nice weather to enjoy it?

  6. Great random post. I love your photos, and they are great for Random Thursday! I love the pinwheel, chairs, and vines. (The kids are always cute!)

  7. I love adirondack chairs, they are so architectural and look so comfy! (But mighty hard to get out of!)