Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 365 Photo Challenge: Week 1

Summer is my favorite season and June is my favorite month. What fun I had with this week's photo prompts!

Pastoral We have seen lots of rain here in the midwest, making for some beautiful landscapes.

Documented Both of these signs point to the history of the area.

 Converted A pretty bird cage makes an interesting flower container.

Catch Phrase I love the label on my favorite kind of apple.

 Touch of Red The water in this pond was so clear that it was hard to tell that the turtle was even swimming.

Catch Lights are the sparkle in the eyes that make a portrait come alive!

 Dramatic Scene This photo, taken with my husband's phone, is a bit blurry but definitely dramatic! The often dry creek in the front part of our property became a raging river and flooded it's banks this week. Since the fast moving water covered the only way out of our yard, we were happy that it receded pretty quickly! This scene repeats itself once every few years making it a bit challenging to do much in the way of landscaping.


  1. You have certainly caught the light in the eyes of your daughter and grand daughters! A very special photo!

  2. It is very difficult for me to refrain from writing paragraphs in response to your photo weeks!!! I "comment" on each individual photo...today I will say: I love red-eared sliders!

  3. Oh I love the birdcage with the flowers - beautiful!
    Pink Ladies are my fabourite apples too! The label always makes me smile :)

  4. Beautiful pictures. Wow that is a lot of water!

  5. Pink Lady apples are one of my favourites, too! Great shots. :-)

  6. Oh my lady....you have most certainly done it again. Your photos are so wonderfully interpreted! I went to the 365 site, and proceeded to forget to take pix. Not sure that I have your vision. Where is my list?

  7. Your photos are wonderful. I think Missouri should hire you to be their photo-marketing specialist. You make everything look idyllic. Well, except for that flood water. Hope it's all dried out by now.

  8. Love the catch phrase one and the one of your family. So cute!