Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Yummy Stuff

 My grandsons spent last weekend with us, and since eating is a major activity all the time  when they are here, we made the best of it. Hot dogs and smores are always a big hit...
...especially when the marshmallows become flaming torches just before they hit the chocolate...
...mmm..there's just nothing like that gooey treat!
And since Grandad and I like to load them up with sugar before we send them home, we also found ourselves at the local Tropical Snow Hut. Noticing the poster out front, Ollie asked for a Snow Angel. Seeing Oliver's disappointment at learning there was NO such thing, Mr. Shaved Ice quickly replied, "You know, I've been trying to think of a good name for a new flavor (peach, black cherry and tiger's blood?) I've invented and I think that you have just named it!" Of course, everyone needs a picture of themselves with the snow cone they've just named!
Speaking of sweet treats, do you recognize this pretty fruit? Looks like an apple, right? Nope, it's a pear!
When a high school boy came to my door selling cookie dough a few weeks ago, I ordered peanut butter cup. This afternoon he rang the doorbell and handed over this box of dough. Reading the directions printed on the front,  I took special note to "Not burn the cookies". Well... okay, if you insist. Oh, and apparently, I'm not supposed to eat the raw dough either. Well...we'll see.
We parked next to this pretty truck at Ezra's soccer game Saturday. Being the scrap saver that I am, I'm thinking that it would be the perfect truck for me if he ever wants to sell!
On the subject of scraps, I'm really enjoying putting together the blocks for my low volume quilt. About a third of the blocks  are already done!
Vicki and I enjoyed another fun day of sewing on our Good Fortune quilts as well...
Now, if I can just get Ginger to behave, things might go a little bit faster! I'm linking with Cindy for Really Random Thursday.
P.S. I've waited a whole week for the winner of the Farmer's Wife Scrap giveaway to contact me. So, after several tries to contact her, I have gone ahead and drawn another winner: #17 Carla (great name!) please email me your mailing address so that I can get your prize in the mail!


  1. Is it a Nashi pear? We have those down under! But I have no idea what smores! Love the look of the low volume quilt! Did Ginger really eat a quilt block?

  2. So many things I barely know what to comment on first! Patchwork and Play has commented on Nashi pears (Nashi is actually the Japanese word for pear) and we don't have s'mores in Australia, although I do know what they are by searching the Internet! I love that car - so cool. And that ice cream looks delicious - who wouldn't want to be the person who named a new ice cream flavour or combination?

    And the quilt blocks? Fabulous!

  3. It sounds like you have a fun time with the grandchildren.

    The blocks look wonderful. I like the low volume block setting.

  4. I loved making my low volume quilt! So many pretty fabrics in yours ; )

  5. Love the snow angel story - quick thinking vendor! :) I totally plan on being a 'load them up on sugar' grandparent too someday. Won't my kids be surprised. LOL.

  6. Now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot! LOL. Great post. I love your low volume quilt. It is really looking great! I'll be by for some cookies. Raw or cooked. Either way is good with me.

  7. I agree with M-R. Totally want to be that grandparent. And I love the truck. Too funny!

  8. How fun to name a snow cone!! I'm in love with that truck and the low volume quilt looks fantastic :)

  9. Those Good Fortune blocks are gorgeous - they glow!
    And I'm loving the truck!

  10. Looks like a fun time and it goes by so fast!
    Love the low volume quilt, I have it on my list to make!

  11. Your blocks are great. I WANT that red truck!!

  12. Oh, what a naughty doggie! My cat snitches them and takes them under the king sized bed and leaves them right smack in the middle where it is so HARD to retrieve them!

    Pretty pretty quilt blocks!