Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Quick Make Over

My favorite little ironing board has been looking very gross shabby lately 
and in need of a make over...
Amy Butler to the rescue! These orange dots used to be a curtain in my grand daughter's nursery. The fabric piece was almost exactly the size I needed to make a quick pillowcase style cover for the ironing mat.
A couple of safety pins keep the cover from shifting as I use it. 
I can flip the cover over when this side gets dirty and even slide it off to run it through the washing machine when it gets unsightly!
Such a quick fix; why did I procrastinate?
 I so enjoy looking at a nice clean pad 
as I press my quilt blocks!!


  1. Much better!
    I love the orange dots!

  2. nice. I don't know why a new ironing board cover always makes me feel so happy, too!

  3. Oh pretty! My typewriters ironing board is starting to look a bit shabby, time for a makeover!

  4. Okay, THAT is perfect!! I have one of those and I just hate the stains on it. I have this fabric. I'm copying you.