Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, White and Blue!

Stopping at small antique store located along a country road near Wichita, Kansas, I spied a stack of quilt tops.  My friend, Jan, and I quickly ran walked over and sorted through the tops.  Getting more excited with each, we tried to keep calm and not draw attention to our found treasure, especially when we saw the price tags. What?!  You mean these gorgeous tops are only $20 each!! Un-believe-able!!  How many should we buy?  Maybe we should get them all! Now, just stop. That would be so selfish.
Realizing that we would need to get the tops quilted, in the end we each settled on two tops, leaving at least four or five behind.  Many times since, we have questioned our decision as we thought about the "deal"we passed up. Someone else was probably just waiting for us to walk away so they could scoop up the rest! How unselfish stupid of us!
My friend, Sherri Dolly, beautifully quilted this antique Ocean Waves top. There are so many different fabrics among the perfectly hand pieced triangles.  I wonder if the quilter cut up shirts and dresses to get enough red, white, and blues for the design.  Sprinkled though out are some green, tan, grey, black and even a few pinks.  The color placement seems a little random.....and antique modern quilt......I love it!

Happy Red, White and Blue Day!  Be safe.


  1. The quilt is beautiful. What a great find.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL quilt! I would have had a hard time passing up that deal too. I have yet to find an antique quilt or top in my price range!

  3. I found you on Amy's quilt show and just loved your blog so added you to my blog list. anxious to see what you are up to next. And, those quilt tops you found... now that is what every quilter wishes she'd find!! How lucky you are.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt. What a find! You are more disciplined than I would have been LOL!

    Jennifer :)

  5. A great treasure for sure! Sherry did a great job (no surprise there). :) I love it!

  6. It looks so good on your wall. Love that pattern! What a steal.