Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sometimes we all need a little encouragement  to get through some of lifes big hurdles.  Have you ever thought of using quilts as a way of lending support to a hurting friend?  Twice in the last year I have felt an urging from above to do just that. This quilt is the latest 'comfort wrap' that I have made and given "just because". The circumstances for making the quilts were different, but in both cases I wanted to show my friends how much I care about them and how much MORE God cares.

I spent time finding Bible verses that would encourage and bring hope.  Using a fine point Pigma pen, the verses were written on 3.5 x 6.5 inch fabric bricks. There are about 25 verses penned along the white bands on the large lapsize quilt.  As I made the pattern I thought about how often our roads in life are like zig zags.....we can't see around the bend.  We have to just trust and keep on keeping on.  Do the next thing, having faith that God is walking beside us.  He promises to direct our paths when we trust in Him.

I call the quilt Follow Me. Wrap up in it, my friends.


  1. I can't imagine a more special quilt! A truly wonderful gift!

  2. I love your heart. This is what I love doing too. My sister, both SILs and I along with friends make flannel rag quilts for ones going thru chemo, or some other really rough medical issues.

    Love your style of quilting too!

  3. What a beautiful gift! I love the bible verses throughout the quilt, what a great idea!
    God bless. ☺