Thursday, August 21, 2014

Really Random Thursday: Oh-Be-Joyful!

What kinds of things bring you joy? One thing for me is  sewing cute dresses for little girls.

When I purchased the fabric for this pattern though, I neglected to take into account the large design repeat. I was bummed until I came up with some "creative" piecing on the back of the skirt. Really, you hardly notice it. Oh, JOY!
Fun mail is always a reason for feeling joyful, especially when it's an Insta-gram win from Sunny Day Supply! 
 Look at these lovelies inside my prize package!
 I haven't counted yet, but I'm guessing there are around 100 charms in this pack of chevron prints by Dear Stella. Oh, joy!
 The Wee Gallery fabric is a design that I've never seen before anywhere. Thank you, Mary!
 I'm imagining my grandchildren drawing little outfits on these darling animals. I may even join them. Doesn't that look like fun?! What shall i make with it?
We visited this art gallery in Telluride, Colorado. The paintings truly did bring us joy. I just wish that we could have afforded to bring one home with us.

Now, that really would have been joyful!



  1. What a sweet little dress, in such pretty colours! Lucky you winning those charms! Do you have anything planned for them? After you've admired them for a while,of course!

  2. You really must be oh be joyful! Those little dresses are super sweet!!! Winning fabric is so great...congratulations :)

  3. Good save on the dress. Those B&W prints are wonderful!

  4. You're killing me with all this cuteness. One little dress after the other.....
    Very clever on the rescue!

  5. That little packet of fun would have quite a day brightener! Sweet little treasures. I love the little dress and love your creative problem-solving. Bravo!


  6. Yay! What a great solution! And, yay, on the win! Just a little idea that might be fun for the grandkids (especially as the cold days arrive) Make clothes for the characters and add stick-on velcro on the clothes and the character so they can dress up! Or if they want to make a pillow or a softie, they can stitch or use fusible webbing to secure clothes to the character. I thought it would be fun to make them superhero's or Disney characters! So many possibilities!

  7. Your granddaughters are so lucky . . . and well dressed too.

  8. What a sweet win! And the dress is adorable.

  9. I have seen the bunny print before and admired it greatly. I see some lovely granddaughters getting another fabulous creation from their gran! What about appliquéing outfits on the animals and making pencils cases or similar?