Thursday, July 3, 2014

Random Summery Thursday

Summer is a busy time. It's my favorite season. Today, some random things I've been doing....only one more block to go and I'll have enough for a complete lap quilt of selvages! (I may have to go shopping!!)
 Speaking of shopping, I mailed some 4th of July shirts to grand daughters last week. Pop bottles make fun mailing tubes...even if it is hard to stuff things in that little hole. (Kidding, of course.....just cut a door in the side and then tape it shut and add the shipping label over the window!)
 On the way to the post office I often pass this street sign and smile. This time I stopped and took a picture. I wonder if the guy noticed the mistake when he put up the sign?
 On the subject of signs, I see a lot of these in my neighborhood this time of year! I estimate that there are around a dozen such tents within three miles of my house.
 On the hottest weekend so far this summer, I helped out some friends in their booth at a Vintage Sale. The sale took place in an un-air-conditioned horse arena with a dirt floor. It got pretty sticky, let's just say! But look at all of this gorgeous painted furniture they had for sale! It was a fun weekend!!
I came home inspired to get out my paint brushes and tackle some projects. First up was this old bureau that belonged to my parents. I've wanted to paint it for years and finally put actions to my wishing....
 Paris Gray paint by Annie Sloan, some elbow grease and patience produced lovely results, I think. I'm so happy with the result that I'm planning more projects!
My flowers are looking pretty so far this summer due to all of the rain we have had every few days. Since my thumb is not very green, I'm especially pleased!
I'm getting ready to make some homemade strawberry ice cream for tomorrow's 4th of July celebration. I hope that you have a safe and thankful holiday! Talk soon.


  1. Absolutely love your selvage quilt Carla and your makeover is fabulous! xo

  2. Awesome selvedge quilt. Lots of work. 141th. Hmmm

  3. OMGoodness...the selvedges are so wonderful. You have been a very busy quilter.

  4. Love the dove grey cabinet- the perfect makeover! And your garden looks lovely!

  5. I've never been brave enough to try painting furniture (other than a toy box, which was in such a bad state I could do no harm). Projects like yours are inspiring me to give it a go one day.

  6. Love your selvages and love what you did to the dresser. Is that a type of chalk paint?

  7. Neat, neat, neat assortment of things going on in your life. No wonder you're a little quieter than usual! The selvage quilt is won-der-ful! That bit of black print contrasts perfectly with the selvage colors. What a pretty quilt! I'm so glad I've been a recipient of one of your bottle "envelopes." I'm still in disbelief that the USPS accepts those! The painted cabinet is great. You did such a nice job. I've been in the mood for some DIYs too, but mine are sewing-related. Bet you had a lovely Fourth of July weekend spent with family.

  8. Great paint job! I've been wanting to paint some things around my house too. My eldest daughter is moving into her first apartment this fall at school, so we are busy scheming about cheap furniture :)