Friday, February 21, 2014

Color Photo Challenge: Black, Part One

It's been a crazy month for weather just about everywhere. Finding photo worthy subjects for the color "black" was an extra challenge as I found my motivation waning as fast as you can say "freezing"! Here goes nothing spectacular...

BEAUTY: A fresh covering of snow can illuminate the pretty lines of everyday things that we might otherwise not notice. 
FAVORITE: Blackie, the tire-horse, is as anxious as my grandchildren to get back into the "swing" of things!
HOME: I have a weakness for pretty plates and anything with a bird on it!
DINE: This winter, my coffee maker has become my best friend.  She gets me "up and at 'em" every cold morning!
WORDS: You probably recognize The Serenity Prayer, even when seeing only a few of the words. 
OLD: This simple black ledger, kept by my husband's grandmother in the 1950's,  gives a fascinating look into her life decades ago.
CLOSE UP: The wheels and pulley system on my grandmother's treadle sewing machine is worth a closer look.
WHIMSY: While out shopping this week, I ran across this unusual little chest.  Isn't it fun and creative!
TWO: Believe me; I kept both hands on the handlebar while riding a segway a few weeks ago in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina! What a fun way to tour the city!
I'll be posting the remaining photo prompts for the color black next week.


  1. I was thinking about photos tonight while looking back through your last few posts! I love all that snow! Yes, that's easy for me to say, I know! It looks so peaceful!

  2. How fun! I think if I tried this, all you would see is a stack of cast iron skillets, from many angles ;) The only black I can think of around here...maybe some blackened firewood....

  3. Doesn't that tire horse look pretty against the snow! Our snow is melting much prettier as snow than melting snow. I love plates too, Carla. Great pictures!

  4. Looking good Carla! I really like that first photo of the curly iron sleigh? It's pretty

  5. Absolutely great photos! You do so well, interpreting your assignments. I very much enjoy your work.

  6. You make black look so good! The picture of you on the segway is adorable. You look like you're having so much fun.