Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Really Random Autumn Thursday

Autumn days are quickly turning colder and winter seems to be knocking on the door. Since I haven't done a random post in awhile, I thought that today I might give a glimpse of what I've been doing with my days: 

Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, and a baby Lady Bug invited me along while they rang doorbells and looked cute asking for handouts of candy.
Several lines of Bonnie and Camille charm packs all mixed together have made for some fun and easy quilty goodness.
Sewing the charms into groups of four gave me a starting point when laying them all out for a twin size quilt I'm making as a Christmas gift.
 After sewing together the rows, some hot pink paper helped me keep the rows in the right order while I pressed the seams. This just might be the easiest quilt that I've ever put together!
 Speaking of quilts, these big guys, who live down the road from me, are sporting some pretty fancy ones! 
 Have I ever shared that horses are my mostest favoritist animals ever?
 I think they like me too!
 Another thing that I like is finding a new place to shop for quilting fabric. This fun find is in  the small town of Jamesport. Jamesport is home to the largest population of Amish in Missouri.
I spied a few fabrics to add to my collection. One even found it's way into some Friendship x and + swap blocks I'm sewing....(show you soon!)
The colorful leaves were extra pretty around our yard this year.
But, the beauty is short lived and soon the branches were stripped bare. This will be my view out the window for the next four months.
Vicki and I are having a ball sewing spider-web blocks from scraps. Her string pieced blocks has an autumn feel to them.
My spiderwebs are more of the the summer variety...sunglasses needed!
Last weekend, during an all day sew-in with the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild I had a serendipity experience: Krista was getting out her cute little Singer Featherweight at the table directly behind me. She soon realized that she didn't have a pressure foot and so I loaned her an extra that I had in my Featherweight case. I noticed that she and I were both sewing up some X and + blocks, but didn't think much about it at first. After about an hour, I realized that Krista is part of the Friendship x and + Swap!
How fun to meet a virtual quilting buddy in person! I also love how quilting bridges the generation gap......Krista is young enough to be my daughter!

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  1. Now this is a fun happy post. First aren't grandbabies the best! Yours are darling. I always add post it's as I quilt so much easier in the long run. And I adore Bonnie and Camille fabrics. What a beautiful quilt it will make.
    How fun to meet an invisible friend. Did she know it was you?
    Love your block I am a summer girl and here in Illinois winter will be here all to soon. Have a nice weekend.

  2. How fun that you and Krista met in real life! Love those bright spiderweb blocks! Haven't seen any with the bright floral centers before. Happy Thursday!

  3. Life is good. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well how fun! Hi Krista : ) That quilt barn looks too good to be true. Love the blue with script on it. Enjoy your week end Carla

  5. Such a happy post! Love the new additions to the fabric stash...I'll be looking out for some in the upcoming blocks! And don't those granddaughters look adorable! Fun times!

  6. I love when you do these random posts!!! If I were in your guild, you would probably be greeted like a rock star, and you would be embarrassed for me ;) And I could not live in Jamesport very long without requesting or making them a new sign (maybe a barn quilt sign?!)!!! Now I am off to "meet" Krista!! :)

  7. I really like your random posts, it tells a lot about the things that are important to you!

  8. Aw! Look how cute we are! More like sisters, I'd say. Sewing with you was so much fun, Carla. serendipitous, indeed.

  9. Lovely round of random - love the first pic especially

  10. I am sooo jealous of your Granddaughter's Dorothy costume! I wanted to be Dorothy when I was a little girl, not just for Halloween dress up! I thought Judy Garland was the prettiest girl ever, and the Ruby slippers, oh my! Bit of a Wizard of Oz tragic, hehehe. Does it cover in snow where you live? We don't get snow where I live in South Australia, only on the mountains in the eastern states.

  11. Really good randomy goodness. I love reading about the variety of things in your life. Gosh, I wish I'd known how you'd pieced your patchy Bonnie and Camille pieces. I would have highly recommended you use the web technique to sew them together. Much faster! Still, your finish is going to be great! I really like how your spider webs are looking. The inside prints are perfect, on each of them.

  12. What a fun post. I did not know you loved horses. What adorable grandchildren. I love the part about you and Krista meeting, and realizing you were both working on the same project. The spider web blocks are beautiful!