Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Work In Progress: A House and a Holiday Project

Every Tuesday, for the last few weeks, my sewing soul-mate and I have been working on something very, very special.
We set up our machines on Vicki's breakfast table...
and a little ironing board on her kitchen counter. Then, the cuteness begins!
Have you seen this darling Card Table Playhouse pattern, designed by my friend Shea Henderson? We are having a ball building a couple of sweet little houses for our grandchildren to play in when they come for a visit. 
This is no quick project and we are kind of glad that we are tackling it together. Our first few get-togethers were spent cutting and ironing on lots of Heat 'n Bond and Peltex.  But, things are moving along to the good stuff now!
 The pattern instructions are clear and concise and our efforts are slowly, but surely,  starting to look like a house! Even when I realized that I had purchased the wrong Peltex product for the windows and we tried to adhere it with a glue stick, we could hardly contain our excitement at all the cuteness! Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, the houses will be ready for the new owners to move into!

Over the weekend, I gathered up some fresh and modern, Christmas colored fabrics...
and cut out a new Christmas tree skirt. The pattern is one of the gorgeous projects in Cindy Lammon's new book, Simply Modern Christmas, just out. 
A reveal and book review, plus a give-away, coming soon!


  1. You are having lots of fun there, aren't you?!! Both these projects look SO cute! I can imagine the card table playhouse being a real hit!

  2. You are such a great grandmother! How cute.

  3. Love that term "sewing soulmate!" Both your projects are things I'd love to make!

  4. Such a wonderful project you and Vicki are enjoying together. I even recognize some fabric - turquoise with white swirl (from Joann Fabrics) - that is a skirt I wear! Oh, I want you to move to Florida and be MY sewing soul-mate! How I long for such a relationship with a sewing-minded friend. You continue to make beautiful stuff, Carla. Have fun!

  5. That looks like so much fun, wonderful sewing going on!!

  6. Isn't sewing with friends just the best? How fun is that little abode? Love the new 'modern' Christmas stuff coming out. Your choices are wonderful.

  7. Those little playhouses are going to look fab!

  8. The Card Table Playhouse looks like fun for those who make it and those who play in it!