Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunglasses Needed!

Put on your shades! You might even need some sunblock to protect you from bright colors of my quilt top any rate, I hope that it brings you some sunshine!
 I'm most excited about the border. See it? That pretty Kaffe Fassett fabric, my friend, has been in my possession for over 10 years a long time. I know, because I remember buying it in a darling shop in Germany while visiting my friend, Susan. It was my first time to actually see Kaffe fabrics and I immediately loved the colorful collection.I really should sew with Kaffe fabrics more often, I am thinking!
 I just love the way that the floral fabric pulls out the colors from the pieced center. Though not certain, I believe that the teal inner border is a Martha Negley fabric. The selvage, unfortunately, had already been removed.
Actually, picking these two borders was very intuitive. I knew immediately upon finishing the center that the wonderful Kaffe Flower Lattice would be perfect. And it was! I grabbed the teal leaf fabric at the same time, and never even considered any thing else! 
The fun-to-put-together pattern is by Cindy Wiens called Jammin' Jelly. It reminds me a little of the popular Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs, but is simpler to put together. (I've made the Yellow Brick Road multiple times in years past. Have you?)
Charm packs and jelly rolls are a great way to get to sample a whole line of fabric. Both work great for this pattern.
Now, I wonder if I can make a quick decision for backing and binding that might be hiding out in my stash! Oh, and happy Valentine's Day everyone! I love you all!


  1. Great quilt! Your colours choices are spot on! Good luck with the backing and binding! (Not sure I need another dose of sun though!)

  2. Happy Valentines Day! Fantastic quilt! Bring on the sunshine!

  3. Beautiful!! Wow, I really love that border fabric. And thanks for the shout-out. I have tons of those patterns available. Maybe I should put a link on my blog or something because you made it look the best ever!

  4. Lovely quilt! So fun to use what's in the stash. And complete validation of the case for buying what you love even if you don't have a plan for it at the time! The inner border is actually another Kaffe print called "Dancing Leaves" - I've got some of that patiently waiting in my stash too ;)

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day Carla! I love this version of Cindy's pattern. I recognize many Amy Butler prints which go wonderfully with the Kaffe. You can never have too much color, in my opinion. Beautiful, beautiful quilt!

  6. Great quilt and great choices! I have that pattern and need to make it! I really like it!

  7. Nice and colorful! I have seldom used Kaffe fabrics, having just a couple small pieces in my stash. I'm trying to like it more, though. I find it tough to work with. Guess I'm just not very comfortable with putting colors together that don't go together!

  8. Very cute quilt and those brights are just the ticket for breaking free of the winter doldrums. And I love Cindy's pattern--I'll have to hop over there and tell her!