Monday, February 28, 2011

Sleep Sack Pattern Review

Over the weekend, I managed to sew up an adorable sleep sack pattern by Favorite Things called Hushabye Baby.
 I've been saving a yard of Spotted Owl by Alexander Henry for something really special and this little number seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Soft light-weight fleece, that I also had on hand, was used for the lining. I interlined the sack with some scraps of quilt batting to make it extra cozy. 
 My daughter loves to use sleep sacks at night to keep the covers from coming off of the baby while she sleeps. I've made several in the past using fleece and a zipper up the front. This side zipper version with Velcro shoulder straps will be even easier to use when changing diapers in the middle of the night. And using cute cotton fabric on the outside makes the whole thing like something right out of a baby boutique!
 I found the pattern very quick and easy, after tracing the pieces onto tissue paper. (I never enjoy that part.) There are only 4 pieces to the pattern including the accent strip. A separating zipper is used for the side opening. It couldn't have been easier to sew in and turned out very nicely. The pattern instructions are very brief. For instance, there is no mention of using a zipper foot, which might have been helpful in the construction for someone new to the process. A little more clarification of where to clip the seam at the bottom of the zipper would  have been nice as well. I found one mistake and that was in the sizing. On the outside of the pattern, it lists the sizes as S, M, L, XL. However, the inside pattern itself is sized XS, S, M. L. I wanted to make the 3-6 month size which would have been M on the outside. I decided to go with the S on the actual pattern and it seemed accurate. At $14.00, the pattern is not cheap, so better editing before production seems reasonable. Hopefully, future patterns will be corrected.
 All and all, I love this pattern with it's side zipper and roomy coziness.  It would be just as nice with a cotton lining for summer. I think I've found a new go-to shower gift for all the future babies in my life! I recommend it, if you want something a little bit different.
Best of all, Jane seems to like it too!


  1. Adorable! Jane looks so cute in it! Thanks for the review; I am always looking for unique baby gifts.

    Jennifer :)

  2. That is so sweet! And yes, Jane looks so cozy in it!

  3. Precious, precious Jane!! So sweet. I saw that pattern at out little store and wondered how it was. I just might need to make one.

  4. How adorable! And your zipper - nice. I aspire to be good at zippers....

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Jane's a doll in that sack. I appreciate your honesty about the pattern. If I was new to sewing/quilting, I'd be upset about paying $14 for a pattern that didn't give CLEAR instructions. If I was the pattern designer, I'd be offering you at least a full refund... and then payment for letting her know about her mistakes!

  6. Jane looks pretty happy in that sleep sack! She is super adorable.

  7. OH, I'm loving this!!! Your fabric choices are delightful. I'm always looking for those go-to baby shower gifts!!

  8. Your sleep sack looks lovely. I have this pattern and am just ready to put the zipper in but find the directions for placement and the clipping at the notch just a bit confusing. Can you give me any hints especially regarding the bottom end of the zipper? Thanks.

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