Friday, July 9, 2010

How I Lost My Marbles

Last Friday, for around an hour, I'd say, I lost my marbles. Yep. Completely forgot who I was.  When I came to, here is what I found living under my roof!
You might think this is no big deal, unless you know me and then you will agree.  Carla doesn't do cats. It all started when the neighbor revealed that a stray cat had given birth to four kittens in her garage.  When she called on Friday to offer me one, she used the word "hunter" in describing the mother cat.  Then came the clincher...the mother had actually caught a mole. At the word MOLE, I was hooked.  Did this woman realize that our yard evidently is the vacation home for all the moles in Missouri.  We've tried everything to get rid of them...except a cat.  Hmm....maybe this is the answer.  That's how we got Marbles. (His name really started out as Marble because of his coloring, but the grand kids added the S, and the irony of it doesn't escape me.) I'll keep you posted on the mole population!! Meanwhile the kitty has to grow up fast so it can get busy outside and earn it's keep!
In more sane news, look what the mailman brought recently!  My package of vintage linens!  
I couldn't wait to tear open the box to see what goodies I was getting in exchange for the 36 fat quarters torn from the vintage bedsheets and pillowcases I'd snagged at the Thrift Shop and mailed out for the exchange.
Most of the linens were really fun and in good shape. A few didn't quite measure up to my expectations and will be regulated to rags (to mop up Marbles' milk?). Aren't these pretty?
Here are my favorites among the summery and soft.  I'm still contemplating what to make....So many ideas to consider.
This one really made me smile!  It is just like the pillowcases that I bought with my mom's
 S & H Green stamps in 1970 to use in my college dorm! I couldn't believe it! Very fun!!
Meanwhile, Lula and I are teaching the kitty how to catch moles. Oh, look, he's chasing a fly! I think we have a hunter!! Talk to ya later!!


  1. That was a cute post! And...I think that fat quarter on the left of your favorites came from me! ;)

  2. It will take a few months, but I think you may be very surprised. We've had cats for almost 20 years. And while they've brought us many "treasures", their favorite is moles!!! No kidding. Also, what are you doing with the vintage pillow cases? That sounds intriguing.

  3. LOL! He's sooooooo cute! Good luck with the mole situation. I'm thinking that you and Lula will be better at loving him than teaching him how to hunt moles, but he'll probably have fun figuring it out for himself :)

  4. Cute kitten!
    Have fun with him and the pretty vintage sheets!

    : )

  5. Great fabrics, Carla!!
    I can't believe you have a cat!! Good luck w/the moles. If it works, I may have to consider having a cat again, too.
    Always love your blog!!!!!!