Friday, March 12, 2010


I was once asked how many quilts I was going to make before I knew I was finished. I stood there with my mouth hanging open not knowing how to answer. I still don't know.

I wonder if anyone asks such questions of painters? I quilt because that's what I do. I love making things.

I'm reading a book called She Did What She Could by Elisa Morgan. The title is really a quote from the Bible: Jesus said this about Mary of Bethany after she anointed Him with her expensive oil. Like Mary, I can't do it all, but I can do what I can. I'd like my quilts to be a blessing somehow. She did what she could. I think, is a wonderful life goal. I know it's mine.


  1. hey, that quilt looks familiar! it's the one i keep picking up from the floor about 15 times a day! (Maelie is in a "let's see how far i can throw everything in my crib" phase right now!) everyone who sees it loves and i am always tempted to take full credit for it....but i don't. :o)

  2. I figured since we were separated at birth LOL- I'd go back and read some of your old posts. This one spoke to me. Plus I love that quilt!!!