Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Photo Challenge: Grey, Part Two

It's been fun finding subjects to photograph using the prompts for my personal Color Photo Challenge. Here is the second batch of photos featuring the color grey.

FAVORITE: Will I ever have the time to make all of the quilts within these pages that I would like to?
 INSPIRATION: Speaking of quilts, I see designs for new projects everywhere I go, don't you!
 NEW: Even my new laundry basket is giving me ideas.
 STRUCTURE: Maybe if I lived in this beautiful home, I would have a maid to do my laundry!
BEAUTY: The late afternoon sun accents the curves on my concrete planter and I realize how pretty it is even with out flowers!
UP CLOSE: I wonder what tiny creature has made such a cozy spot in the crevice of this cedar tree's bark?
WORDS: Sometimes i like to wander through old cemeteries and wonder...
NATURE: I picked grey as the color for January mainly because of days like this!
Thanks for taking the time to view my photo challenge. February's color is black. Is that morbid? More winter ahead!


  1. What a great idea! Your photos are wonderful. You have given me something to think about here!

  2. Love your pictures! Is the second one the Halls building on the Plaza? I love that house too. Great job with grey!

  3. I do love your photos! No, black isn't morbid, it can be very beautiful. I'm excited to see what you see all year round.

  4. Even though gray can be a cold color, I think it can be soothing too.
    I love black! Can't wait to see what you photograph.

  5. Oh, I am so glad you are taking your wonderful photographs again! I love the house- I think I could live there! I don't think black is morbid at all! They say that is the only colour Melbournians wear in the winter! Besides, its slimming!

  6. Just love this! The house is so pretty. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys - if that's the appropriate word - a walk through a cemetery. It's a nice past time to speculate about the lives of the people who are there. Your gloomy landscape picture makes me feel good... about living where I do. Thank you!

  7. Good morning Carla. I love grey. There is something restful about it. Your photos are fabulous. I hope to make quilts from that book too ; )
    Enjoying your SMS feature

  8. I'm enjoying your color challenge. Really love the closeup photo of the planter. Such great shapes and shadows. Black will be an interesting color to try and capture in photos. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. I don't remember now if this is your own challenge or part of something larger? I should play along with you.