Friday, January 17, 2014

Color Photo Challenge: Grey, Part One

Pillow from Target

Some of you have noticed and asked about my abandoning the 365 Photo Challenge that I took on in 2013. Unfortunately, after 7 months of faithful picture taking, an eye condition kept me from being able to focus well enough to continue. Thankfully, my eyes are better now and since I've missed the accountability that the challenge offered in learning to become a better photographer, I'm back again for the new year with another photography challenge. 
This challenge is one that I just made up for myself and I'm calling it The Color Photo Challenge. Today is the first installment for January. The plan is for me to do two installments each month for a total of 16 photographs based on a different color each month. Every month I will be using the same 16 words for my photo prompts. 
So, here goes..... The color of the month is grey. Everywhere I look it seems grey here in the wintry Midwest USA. 

QUILT: If you are reading my blog to see quilty photos, here's fair warning that you can look away after this first picture of my most recent finish! Sorry.
 DOOR: I love the weathered wood on this shed door. The window circles look to be made from the base of old bottles. Cool, huh!
 HOME: My daughter's lovely home decor features a new sofa in a beautiful shade of medium grey.
 OLD: Did you know that I adore chippy paint like this?
TWO: Santa brought me new grey suede boots for Christmas!
 CREATURE: My outdoor kitty, Marble, sneaks in for a warm cat nap whenever she can this time of year.
 DINE: These dishes belonged to my mother and were purchased, one piece at a time, from the grocery store in the 1970's. Aren't they sweet?
WHIMSY: I'll end like I began, with something hand made. I love the contrast of the weathered wood frame next to the carefully cross-stitched sampler. Sure wish I could say that I made it myself!
If you've read this far; Thank you. You are a real friend! Maybe you'll even be interested in the next set of photographs which I plan to post at the end of the month. What's grey in your world?
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love this idea, Carla, and the photos. You have a wonderful eye. And I especially love the photo of Marble!

  2. I think it is a great idea and it makes you more aware of colors and how they interact with other colors. I am sure this will be an enjoyable activity!

  3. What a delightful series of photographs! The second photo of the door is so beautiful I had to pin it to my 'Just Because' Pinterest board! I must look for something grey - I dare say there will be many examples of ash after our bushfires this week.......

  4. Grey fits so well into everywhere! I love it

  5. What a fun challenge! Love your pictures and I look forward to part two. I also have a new grey couch, with red accent pillows. Right now I am working on a grey, pink and lime quilt. How fun for you! Enjoy!

  6. Love these! Yes, your photos have been missed.

  7. You have a way with photos AND with color.

  8. I love this! We have lots of grey dirt showing now that all the snow is many warm January days!

  9. Wonderful pictures! I love that door with the bottle glass. Good luck with your challenge.

  10. I love your idea Carla. Anything that gets us looking and considering color with a more discerning eye can only help with our fabric choices too. I've been thinking a lot about color myself lately but mostly fabric color and realizing I need more lighter value fabrics even though my stash is too big already. Always seems to be a way to find excuses for more. So far I'm resisting though.

  11. What a wonderful challenge! It might be fun to open it up and do a linky or something. Very inspiring.

  12. Such a wonderful perspective (see how I'm using my 2014 Word-of-the-Year?) on a typically dismal color. It's fun to see the happy ways you interpreted it. Good job!