Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Finish: Wristlet Key Fobs

Every year, the empty nest club that I belong to has a big birthday party to celebrate another year of meeting together. We call ourselves "The Pink Flamingo Club" and this week we marked twelve years of twice a month meetings. 
 Our tradition is to give each other Bird-day gifts (we're flamingos...get it?!) and often  I make a little something for each of my pink friends. 
Alex Ledgerwood (Teaginny Designs) has a free tutorial for making these cute key fobs. I had all of the materials on hand except for the D-rings, which I purchased with coupons at the JoAnn store.
They sewed up pretty quickly and I think will come in handy for carrying your car key on your wrist when your hands are full. 
But the handiest thing will be how easy they will be to find in the depths of a purse!


  1. These are gorgeous! And so pretty in pink!

  2. What fun gifts! They really are cute.

  3. This is an unusual pattern, I think. We don't often see shirred fabric on a key fob. But I like them, and I bet your flamingos did too! Lovely gifts.

  4. They turned out very cute! I have a long keychain but I still manage to dig for 3 mins in my handbag before finding my keys...

  5. Very cool! I have some Sue Spargo ribbon I want to use on key fobs for Christmas gifts. I'll just make them without the ruffles. Should be fun. Thanks for this blog post; it reminds me that I need to get busy!