Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inspiration from Art

Have you ever challenged yourself to create a quilt using a piece of artwork as your inspiration? If not, I can almost guarantee that you will be stretched and, find that in doing so, you will tap into creativity that you didn't realize lurked within in you. You'll have lots of fun, as well!  Yesterday, I showed you some of the parts I'm using to create a quilt using a painting by Wassily Kandinsky as my inspiration. I've got the quilt together and am quilting it today. Here's a teaser..
Take a look at more art by this famous painter and some creativity it is still generating today...

The idea for the KC Modern Quilt Guild Kandinsky Challenge began last summer when I made this...
You can read about my block design and inspiration here. While I'm not certain that this type of quilt is really "me", I have enjoyed the creative process very much and would like to explore it again in the future.
Meanwhile, I'll keep quilting away on my quilt as the deadline looms tomorrow evening. (Why do I do this to myself?! ) Anyway, I'm getting pretty excited about seeing all the other quilts created by the awesome KCMQG members. There will be a Viewer's Choice Prize for each of the inspiration painting categories. I'll be sure and take pictures so that you can enjoy them as well!


  1. Ooh, this is looking very VERY intriguing. Ha--we MUST be related. I nearly always put things off to the very last minute...

  2. Fantastic! I can't wait to see your members creations. They are a pretty impressive group!!!

  3. I am familiar with mr Kandinsky from my school days. I would never dream of using any of his pictures as a starting point. (Too complex.) You are one BRAVE woman! And your sneek peak looks pretty and impressive...
    ; )

  4. I can't wait to see photos of all the entries! I love yours.