Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Housing Market

 There's been some building going on in my zip code! Hope the owner likes what the builder has been doing.  That blue paint is all the rage, I hear.
It looks like some landscaping has even gotten done.  The blackbirds better not eat all the grass seed! I'll have to send Marbles out to shoo them off!

Whootie Owl brought his family to have a look around during the open house yesterday.

They must have liked it because, I saw then moving in today.  They already had lots of Halloween candy ready for the trick or treaters in a few weeks. I love their priorities!

And the guest cottage out back looks comfy enough for a few extra, just in case you'd like to come for a visit! 

 I'm hoping my friend, Jodi. from Colorado. enjoys these October houses, too.  (The architect is new on the job, so there may be a few code violations!)


  1. very. very. nice. blocks.(I mean houses) :)

  2. Oh!!!!! How awesome is this! The house is blue just like the one I live in!! So very special, dear friend!!

  3. Those are adorable! You are so creative!

    Jennifer :)

  4. How cute is this??? Did you use a pattern or is it your original creation. Great job.

  5. how lovely , young and simple all your Quilts are , Iam surprised!!
    thank for this wonderfull blog
    Frauke from North germany