Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fruit Loop Quilt

Many of you know that I have nine grandchildren that I adore. This is Jane who is a second grader and recently turned eight. Getting her ears pierced, finally getting to wear glasses like her sister, and getting a new quilt from her Lolly are three top things on her "This Makes Me Happy List"! Her little brother, Edmund, looks pretty happy too!
I try to always have a Leader/Ender project that I'm sewing on as I make another quilt.  The nine patch blocks for Jane's quilt were pieced as leader/enders way back in 2011. They waited patiently to become a finished glad it works that way!
If you've never used leader/enders, but would like to try it with your scraps, there is a tutorial in my sidebar that explains the process. It's a great scrap buster and just takes a little planning and organization.  It's a habit that I don't want to break!
This was Jane's reaction to her new makes my heart burst with pleasure! Right away she began looking for fabrics that she recognized from clothing I've made for her. I remember doing the same thing with scrap quilts that my grandmother made!
Fruit Loops is a twin size quilt and machine quilted with an edge-to-edge circle design.There's nothing better than a washed and dried quilt in all of it's crinkly goodness!
Jane agrees.


  1. What a great reaction! I love this quilt too!!!!!

  2. Jane and her quilt have sort of grown up together given that you started this in 2011! And the face on little Edmund is priceless! My, how things have changed too....I hated my glasses when I got them at age nine!

  3. A beautiful quilt and a wonderful reaction. I live for that reaction when a person sees their quilt for the first time. Jane is a cutie pie.

  4. A lovely quilt! And Jane looks so excited, great photos!

  5. This is great! I love how excited she was to receive the quilt, and how little brother joined right in. It is a beautiful quilt, and it will be used and loved!

  6. How special that you could make this for her - a child who certainly appreciates the effort and love you put into it! It's a wonderful quilt! I can't imagine anything better to warm a grandmother's heart. You are blessed to get to sew for these children, and spend time with them. So many fond memories for you and them...

  7. Scrap quilts are the best, and I love leader/ender projects! Your granddaughter's apparent joy in her new quilt is a gift in itself!

  8. I have just found your delightful blog Carla, and have really enjoyed looking at all your lovely scrap quilts. Please keep blogging, ( I can't talk, as mine are so intermittent) cause you are so interesting to read. Regards Sue in New Zealand.


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  14. Is there a pattern for the Froot Loop quilt?

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