Wednesday, October 10, 2018


This easy Bohemian quilt is a cinch to make...perfect recipe for a quick charity project.
I used a layer cake of Amy Butler fabric plus some random fabrics from my stash with similar style. Each ten inch square was simply cut in half to create rectangles and then pieced into rows.
My friend, Sue, offered to quilt this project to help me meet my deadline for sending it to Kathmandu. What a blessing to have quilty friends who stepped forward to help. Eleven year old Shristika is blessed as well!


  1. Gorgeous quilt! I made a quilt from similar fabrics and it was always a favourite ! Amy Butler and her fabrics will be missed.

  2. Another beauty. Just goes to show that simple patchwork can truly be the best when fabric prints and colors are so pretty.

  3. A lovely quilt, so simple but delightfully scrappy!

  4. I always love a scrappy quilt, and this one is great. You've got me itching to get my hands into my scrap bins!