Friday, April 3, 2015

Sewing With My Modern Friends

A week ago I was beginning a three day retreat with 36 of my quilting peeps in the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild.
Like last spring, we traveled to Hamilton, Missouri, visiting the lovely retreat center run by Missouri Star Quilt Company.
If we wanted to sleep, we had the most comfortable beds imaginable...
but mostly....we sewed!
Heres' my spot...and my awesome sewing partner, Ibby! What fun we had  sewing, chatting, shopping, eating!
 An unscheduled visit from Jenny Doan herself was an added perk on Sunday!
Of course, no where will you find more quilt shops within walking distance of each other than in Hamilton, Missouri. Fabric bombed trees are good too! 
I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. Looks like a terrific place! I have followed MSQ's story and it is astounding how they turned the town around. Living in Buffalo, NY, it is a bit far to go for a retreat, but it would be lovely. Met Jenny in Houston this year, just a genuinely sincere woman.

  2. How fun!! I sure hope to make it through Hamilton sometime en route to Indiana! Love the "streamer" quilt top on the wall in photo 4 :)

  3. Oh Carla, how special is that? I would love to go on a retreat--but I snore ; )

  4. Sounds so fun. You sure had a lot of people attend. Our little guild is having a retreat next weekend but I won't be going this time. Maybe next year.

  5. So much fun I can just hear it! Can't wait for my next retreat in July.

  6. Sounds so fun! I would love to go on a retreat and shop at lots of stores!