Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold November Stitching

Monday, I spent the day coatless as I cleaned up my flower beds and finished some painting on the exterior of our house. By Tuesday morning the temperatures were in the 20's. It's hard to adjust!
What's a girl to do but stay inside and sew, right!
 This cute little Stylin' tunic by Olive Ann Designs sewed up so quickly. I used a fun cotton knit fabric by Anna Maria Horner in orange.
 This is the second pattern that I've tried by this designer and am impressed with her directions and helpful diagrams. My only change was to add interfacing at the neckline, knowing from experience that the final result would look nicer if I used some on the facing. The back opening was easy to make using elastic cording as the loop.
 Having a healthy collection of old buttons, I found some fun ones for the flaps on the pockets. I'm anxious to see how the fit is on my three year old grand daughter, Lois....she'll need a long sleeve tee under it in these temps!
 I also whipped up some rice bags for a friend suffering from severe shoulder pain. The small sizes were quick to sew up and will give her a choice of warm comfort when heated in the microwave for a minute or two.
 Velcro seemed a good way to close up the bags so that the amount of rice inside can be adjusted. Now I'm wondering if I should have put the rice inside of muslin bag first. Hmmm...
 I'll have to think about that over another cup of hot coffee!
How are you keeping warm?!


  1. No trouble keeping warm here! (26C overnight last night!) love the color of the tunic- orange is a warm color that's for sure!

  2. As I read your post I looked out the window and saw wet snow!
    The little top is so cute, I also love that table runner......
    I could use 2 of those rice bags right now, one on each shoulder!

  3. We are having mild spring weather in the mid 20s (Celcius).
    I love the dress fabric!

  4. We are packing out elk and mule deer to stay warm and to fill the freezer! The boys had to wait for single digits, of course :) Maybe now I can get back to the sewing machine!

  5. Ohhhhh! I saw flurries today! I should not be surprised it is November. I love the cold weather, but it just seemed very chilly. The tunic is so sweet! How fun to sew for little ones.

  6. I've been pretty cranky about the cold weather here too. Not unusual to have snow by now but definitely not used to in staying around so long. I want above freezing temps NOW! Should be sewing more like you are. Such sweet little clothes.

  7. That topper is too cute! Looks like it was a fun sew, especially with that pretty Anna Maria fabric. I have some of it too. Rice bags... yes, a muslin bag of rice, inside the decorative part, is best. I made lots of them that way, and happily, now I don't have to make rice bags at all.