Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 365 Day Photo Challenge: Week 1

Four of my grand children made it into this week's photos! Are you shocked? Probably not. Here's a look...

Harsh light: A picnic on the deck at high noon one day...
 Stating the Obvious: And then.... MAY 2nd!!
Animals: These alpacas look like long legged teddy bears. Aren't they cute!
Laughter: I cheated a bit and am using a photo taken a few months ago when both Ezra and Jane broke bones during the same week. Neither were very fazed by it as you can see!
Candy: Some of my favorites aren't chocolates.
A Wide Angle: One misty moisty morning behind my house. 
 Those Eyes: I melt.
May is healthy vision month. What would our photography be without it?

Capture Your 365


  1. Just having a quick peek before I head to work. Lovely scenery and darling grand babes ; )

  2. I love the Candy, wide angle, and your granddaughter's eyes.

  3. Oh my, so much to be thankful for! It feels like a dream life. Enjoy all of your blessings.

  4. Gorgeous photos. I was just thinking about and thanking God for my hands and my eyes the other day!

  5. As always, your pictures are wonderful. You've really become quite the photographer.

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    so we can win us an iron for Mother's Day!

  6. Beautiful! I'd put my grandchildren in photos if I could (they live too far away, but we're going to see them for Mother's Day!!). Sorry about the crazy weather, but you captured the essence of it very well. Hope now that spring is on its way!

    Elizabeth E.

  7. Beautiful pictures! So did you read my "public service announcement" for healthier vision? 20/20/20--every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something at least 20 feet away. So I texted Aaron to ask him about this. He said, "Oh, I tell my patients that all the time." Hmmm....he has NEVER told me that. But it's a good idea. The thing is, with young kids spending so much time looking at gaming units and what not, Aaron will probably never be short of patients.

    Anyway, the best thing about your photography, after I read the photo prompt, is you choose something that really tells a story. I just LOVE that!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous--each one better than the last!

  9. I know I keep saying it but I do love this project! That misty morning shot is prize-worthy! So much great stuff here..